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Michael S. Johnson of Nausicaa Net has posted the result of his meeting with a Disney representative at Anime Expo regarding hopes of a Mononoke DVD with Japanese dialog and English subtitles.

You can read the full post at, here are the highlights:

Castle in the Sky is probably the next Ghibli film that Disney plans to release, no release information is available yet.

Disney will most likely put more effort into marketing their films towards non Anime fans since Anime fans are likely to purchase the films regardless.

The Disney Rep was impressed by the stack of papers that Michael presented him with, these we're actually photocopies of a Disney-Tokuma FAQ, the actual petition was on a floppy disquette.

(for details on the actual petition and the contents of the cover letter included, please see

Michael was impressed with the Disney rep and does not feel that the people close to the Disney-Tokuma deal are unsympathetic to fans desires but that they are also under a large ammount of presure from their Disney superiors to make money out of the deal. The Anime market being such a small market, they will market their products to the other 99% of North Americans.

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