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More Urusei Yatsura DVD delays

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Robert Woodhead, CEO of AnimeEigo has sent out this info about the UY DVDs.

Dear UY DVD purchaser,

A couple of weeks ago we emailed you to update you on the status of the UY DVD release, and let you know of the manufacturing problems we had. I'm writing today to give you an update.

After the discovery of the original defects, our replicator repressed and repackaged all the remaining box sets, as well as produced extra DVDs for us to use as replacements for those of you who had already received your sets.

These discs arrived late last week.

To our dismay, while the "bubble" defects were gone, all of the remanufactured UY DVD 2 discs had faint "coffee ring" defects on them. We immediately contacted the manufacturer, who claimed that these were not in fact defects and that the DVDs would play correctly.

In an attempt to discover the truth, we contacted several technical contacts at other manufacturers; they too said that the rings should not affect play. And indeed, the discs seemed to play on our machines.

Still, we wanted to be absolutely sure, so we sent several samples of the discs to one of our technical contacts over the weekend. He has reported back and told us that the discs ARE defective, and that while they will play in most players, their error rates are too high for comfort and will have problems running on some players.

Thus, we have rejected the new UY DVD 2 discs. They are being manufactured yet again and should be in either late this week or early next week.

Because, at this point, we are way beyond the point of paranoia, we then intend to have them checked, not only by us, but also several outside reviewers. Assuming no further screwups, we should be able to resume shipping of box sets in about 2 weeks. And, as soon as possible after the box sets are shipped, we will send out replacement discs to those of you who have told us you've gotten bad discs.

We greatly appreciate your patience, and we hope you'll agree the wait is worth it.

Robert Woodhead,
CEO, AnimEigo.

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