Animerica Extra editor talks about censorship, fansubs.

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Bill Flanagan, editor of Animerica Extra, has sent an e-mail to AnimeNation with some interesting detail on how Japanese Anime and Manga creator feel about censorship, fansubbing and American releases of their work.

Regarding censorship, "Nobody likes it. ... But changes will occur when a work goes from one format to another, no matter the format in discussion. Changes are made when a manga goes to anime in Japan."

Regarding Fansubbing, "they all seem to accord on this one. They are flattered that people would spend so much time and effort on their work, but all of them would rather that fans buy the officially licensed versions".

Apparently some Japanese creators aren't even aware that their product has been licenced and distributed in America, while others follow the American reastion very intently.

The full letter can be read at AnimeNation's Newssections, it was posted on Thursday, August 31st

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