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Justin Sevakis has posted this update on the forum regarding the audio problems with the Slayers Box set.

The essentials of the update (which is entirely reposted below) are that CPM now acknowledges that one of the tracks was phase-inverted, in other words, they acknowledge that the product is defective. CPM is therefore considering having the DVDs remastered, which, according to CPM, would take at least 6 months. In order to help them reach the appropriate conclusion people who want the DVD replaced should sign
this petition

Despite acknowledging the presence of a defect within their product (although CPM has yet to use the word defect) CPM is not required to replace the DVD. If there is insufficient demand for replacement DVDs CPM may chose to instead offer refunds to those clients who are not satisfied with the product.


Original Post from Justin Sevakis

First of all, we'd like to thank all of the fans who have sent in e-mails regarding the audio issues on the Japanese track of our newly-released The Slayers DVD Collectors' Box. Your input has been invaluable to us.
We have spent the last week trying to determine the causes of the issues officially acknowledged in last week's posting, and have determined that, as many fans had thought, one of the tracks was "phase-inverted". This appears to have occurred while the program was being duplicated for DVD authoring. Unfortunately, the person working on the project is no longer with the company, so further information has been difficult to ascertain.
Our lengthy quality-control process was not equipped to detect this particular problem. We have since taken steps to implement additional measures so that this does not happen again.
We are currently trying to determine the feasibility of remastering the discs. This would be no small undertaking, as the set contains four dual-layer discs and would require nearly as much time and resources as making the set in the first place (and would take at least six months to produce).
While we're crunching numbers, we suggest that anyone who would like to see a reissue of The Slayers on DVD sign the petition located at the URL below.[email protected]$2
We will be checking this web site regularly in order to gauge the demand for a reissued version.
Thanks again for the interest in The Slayers. We are working hard to provide you with the absolute best quality product we can! We'll post another update here next Monday with the latest on this issue.

Justin Sevakis
Production Dept., Central Park Media

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