Fantasticon Interviews ADV Films

posted on 2000-10-26 11:21 EDT

Ken-san of Fantasticon has produced another interesting anime-related interview. This time, Ken manages to snag an interview with ADV Film's Matt Greenfield.

In the interview Mr. Greenfield provides a brief summary of the movie, and provides some good insight into ADV's advertising and theatrical plans as well as what it takes to get an Anime movie into a widespread theatrical release.

"It will be a wider release then any anime release we've seen before." says Mr. Greenfield, "Ultimately, Spriggan is our baby."

When asked about the separation between art-house releases, and Spriggan's mainstream theatrial release, Matt says "I think Spriggan has a very good chance of breaking through."

ADV Films will be controlling Spriggan's theatrical release. Spriggan is expected to appear in theatres around "Febuary or March next year."

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