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Anime News Network received an e-mail from a lucky fan who got the chance to tal to Tristan MacAvery (the VA of Gendo Ikari in the english dub of Evangelion) in the NekoCon parking lot. He had a quick conversation with him that revealed some cool and unexpected rumors.

According to the e-mail:

Tristan said that Manga Video is shooting for a February 2001 release, but since the voices have yet to be recorded he deems that date unlikely. He also said that Manga IS ABOUT TO LOSE THE RIGHTS (hadn't heard that!), and that if they do, A.D.V. is waiting right in the wings to pick it up.

Apparently all of the original voice talent from the Evangelion series will return to the movie except for the voices of Fyutski and Yui (Does anyone perchance know the VA's names? ).

As for ADV waiting in the isle to pick it up, ADV passed up Evangelion on purpose because of the price involved, Matt Greenfield stated at Nan Desu Kan that ADV had been able to pick up 11 TV series for what it would have cost them to get Evangelion. I spoke to and ADV representative today who stated that even if the rights to the movie did again become available they would most likely not be interested in them, in otherwords, no they are not waiting in the isle to pick it up.

Thank you Mike for sending us this information, we'll try to find out for you and for everyone else what the truth of the matter really is.

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