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Full Gunm details

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Mori Yuji, Anime News Network's Japanese Correspondant was kind enough to provide us with a translation of all the details in Yukito Kishiro's announcement of the new Gunmu (Gunm / Battle Angel Alita / Battle Angel) and the end of his current Aqua Knight series.

The 28th and last episode of Suichu-Kishi (Aqua Knight), appeares in the September 2000 issue of Ultra Jump.

To Aqua Knight fans; I'm sorry to suspend the story, however I am going to re-start AK in the future. Please wait and look forward to it.

Gunmu: Last Order(LO), the new Gunmu series will start serialization in the December 2000 issue. Gunmu: Last Order is the sequel to Gunmu, which was serialized in Business Jump. I have drawn three supplementary stories for Gunmu in the past, but LO is the actual sequel. The LO story continues from the episode of the earlier series where Gally revived at Zallem, not the final episode.

I began drawing Gunmu in November 1990 and finished drawing the final
episode in March 1995. The reason I discontinued the story was that a
personal accident had occured in February of 1994 and I was too hurt to continue the story. In the summer 1994, I met with the editor-
in-chief and other editors and told them that I was no longer able to draw Gunmu and would like to end it in the beginning of the next year.

You see, the Play Station video game Kasei no Kioku ("The Memory of
Mars") was made based on the story I would have shown you in the series if I had been able to continue it.

Late in 1999, I personally told Tomita, editor of Ultra Jump, that I
would like to re-start Gunmu. Even if you have played the game version, I believe you'll enjoy the new story. Honestly speaking, I'm not sure what how LO will end. I hope that you will appreciate my effort, it would make me very happy.

(August 27, 2000)

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