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ADV sent out a couple press releases yesterday regarding Nadesico, Monster Rancher and Sailor Moon as well as Shadowraiders from Canadian animation company Mainframe Entertainment.


ADV Films will release Martian Successor Nadesico: Memories, the 8th exciting volume in the Nadesico video series, this February 2001. Nadesico: Memories will be available on digitally mastered VHS hi-fi in an English-dubbed version, and also in the original Japanese edition with English subtitles.

Martian Successor Nadesico Volume 8: Memories
Running Time: 60 minutes Rating: 12 yrs. +
Street Date: 2/27/01
VHS (English-Dubbed) $19.98
VHS (English-Subtitles) $29.95

ADV Films is proud to announce the home video release of It's Time to Get Tough and Racing to Win, the newest additions to the popular children's series, Monster Rancher.

This February 2001, ADV Films will bring to you It's Time to Get Tough and Racing to Win on home video. Each English-dubbed VHS will contain 3 fun-filled Monster Rancher episodes and will carry the suggested retail price of only $9.99 a piece.

Monster Rancher, Volumes 7 & 8
Approx. 100 minutes each Rating: All ages
Street Date: 2/27/01
Monster Rancher: It's Time to Get Tough! $9.99
Monster Rancher: Racing to Win! $9.99

ADV Films and DIC Entertainment are proud to announce the home video release of Sailor Moon, the #1 television series for girls on the Cartoon Network's "Toonami" programming block.

This holiday season, ADV Films will continue releasing this fabulous animated series on VHS home video. Sailor Mars Joins the Battle and Mysterious Tuxedo Mask will be released on December 5th and will contain the English-dubbed, family/children friendly version of the show, as seen on television. Each tape will introduce episodes never before seen on home video and will carry the suggested retail price of $12.98 each.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars Joins the Battle The battle against the evil Queen Beryl and her Negaverse continues as new enemies attack the Sailor Scouts. First a dream vacation on a cruise ship becomes a nightmare when Jedite and Titus steal all of the love energy from the passengers, then the sinister Neflite uses lies and disguises to trick
innocent people into helping Queen Beryl's wicked plans!

Sailor Moon: Mysterious Tuxedo Mask
The Sailor Scouts are busier than ever as the evil Neflite continues to use lies and trickery to aid Queen Beryl in her plans to conquer the Earth! From enchanted cameras to dangerous dollies, Beryl's henchman will stop at nothing in his effort to stop Sailor Moon and her friends. But when Neflite sends a fake Tuxedo Mask out to capture the heart of Serena's friend Molly, he makes a crucial mistake... because the real Tuxedo Mask doesn't like being imitated!

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars Joins the Battle
and Sailor Moon: Mysterious Tuxedo Mask
Running Time (both tapes): 90 minutes Rating: ALL AGES
Street Date: 12/5/00
Both Priced at $12.98 SRP

ADV Films is proud to announce the home video release of the awesome
computer-animated children's television series Shadowraiders(tm).

Despite the history of their warring past, the four planets of Ice, Rock, Fire, and Bone must set aside their differences and feuds to work together and form an alliance: their only hope of defeating a common enemy. The powerful Beast Planet, whose only purpose is the total destruction and annihilation of other worlds, has now entered their universe from the darkest reaches of space.

Instead of fighting the petty and long-standing battles that exist amongst themselves, the four planets must unite together for survival to defeat this dark and evil presence. They must find the leadership, resources and confidence within themselves to stand and deliver when confronted by the true nature of the BEAST...

Approx. 90 minutes; Digitally Mastered
Rating: ALL AGES!!!
Street Date: 2/27/01
VHS $14.98
DVD $24.98

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