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A Japanese monthly science fiction information E-zine, SF Online, reports that the fantasy-adventure anime feature Arete Hime ("Princess Arete") premiered at the Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival on November 2nd.

Miyazaki's Nausicaä is named after a princess from Homer's Odyssey. At one point during his many travels, Odysseus washed up on an island where a young princess found him and cared for him. One day, the princess sang a song to him about a hero. Odysseus recognised the deeds she sang of and informed her that the song was about him. They fell in love with each other, but the young womans' father did not approved of their love. Odysseus eventually left the island alone and Nausicaä was said to have never married. Arete was Nausicaä's mother.

However Arete Hime has nothing to do with either Homer's Odyssey nor Miyazaki's Nausicaä, it seems to be based on a novel called "Adventures of Princess Arete" (Wa aren't sure of the title, sorry).

Arete Hime was directed by KATABUCHI Sunao in Studio 4゜C. Arete is Katabuchi's first feature film and is Scheduled to be released next spring in Japan. Katabuchi assisted in the production of "Kiki's Delivery Service" as an assistant director and has also directed TV anime series such as Azuki-chan and Chibi-Maruko Chan, as well as the "Taihō no Machi" ("The Cannon City") episode in Otomo's "Memories".

In other Nausicaä related news, we recently mentioned that Nausicaä of the Valley of Winds is scheduled to be released in Korea on December 16th. The Korean theatrical trailer for Nausica can be seen here:

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