3rd Tenchi Muyo OVA Series officially Announced

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To be directed by Kajishima Masaki, romantic answers involved.

According to an interview posted on the AIC website tonight, Kajishima Masaki, creator of the Tenchi Universe, will be directing the 3rd OVA series.The new OVA series is to be the sequel of the original "Tench Muyo! Ryohki" OVA. In the new OVA series Kajishima will set out to answer the questions that were left unanswered in the previous series. The story will feature very prominently the the "Choushin" goddesses and also feature a new, currently unamed, character who will be show up in the 13th episode as Tenchi's potential rival. The first chapter will feature Tenchi, Washu, Tsunami and Tokimi as main characters. Aeka, Ryoko and the others will not have any part in the main story, however they will be present on the sidelines and at the end of the series.The new character, whom Kajishima temporarily calls 'Z' will be a minion of the Choushin godess Tokimi and is a part of her goal of forwarding the Choushin's original plans.And, of most interest to Tenchi fans around the world, the announcement they have been waiting for, "Tenchi is forced to make up his mind and chose one among girls." This decision, which will occur near the end of the 1st chapter will be a major turning point in the series and signal the end of chapter 1. Kajishima's exact plans for the series beyond Chapter 1 remain unclear and he does not seem entirely certain exaclty how many chapters there will be.It also isn't clear how many episodes will be in chapter 1, but since a major protagonist will be introduced in episode 13, at least 15 episodes can be expected at the very minimum.

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