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Japan wins World War 2?

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Kodansha has big hopes for new Manga from "Eagle" author/artist

Kodansha placed an ad for the new graphic novel Zipang in the January 23rd issue of Asahi Shimbun. It is not unusual Manga graphic novels to be advertised in the papers, but it is quite unusual that an ad for just one manga is placed. It shows that Kodansha has very high hopes for teh success of this manga.

Zipang is a military manga written and drawn by KAWAGUCHI Kaiji, who is known in the U.S. manga fan community as the author of Viz's political thriller Eagle.

In 200X, the Japanese Marine Self Defence Force's warship Mirai is somehow transported to 1942, when Japan and the U.S. were at war with each other. If Mirai contacts the then Japan's Navy, it means the history would change. How would history be changed...

Kawaguchi is the creator of military manga Chinmoku no Kantai ("Silent Service") which created a big sensations in Japan when it was first serialized ten years ago. In Silent Service, a Japanese submarine attacks the ships of the US navy and declares itself an independant nation.

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