Bio Hunter Special Edition DVD

posted on 2001-01-26 22:25 EST
Urban Vision has sent out a press release about the Bio-Hunter Special Edition DVD which comes out on Tuesday.


People infected with a genetic code-altering virus, known as the Demon Virus, suffer horrific physical and mental changes, rendering them something more, and less, than human. They become monsters with demonic powers. One monster in particular terrorizes the streets of Tokyo, feasting on the livers of innocent women. A famed psychic holds the secret to the identity and purpose of this monster, and now he is marked for death. The Bio Hunters must get to the psychic and his beautiful daughter before it is too late!

Special Features:
Remastered in 5.1
Original Storyboard Images
UV Weblink for exclusive bonus materials
Japanese and English options
UV Trailers
Chapter Selections

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