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Excerpted from the Press Release:

Available on DVD and VHS in April 2001:

Arc the Lad
Pre-Book Date: 3/20/01
Street Date: 4/17/01
Approx. 75 minutes; Digitally Mastered
Age Rating: 15+

DVD (Bilingual: English, Japanese with English subtitles)
UPC# 702727011528
CAT# DAR/001
SRP $29.98

VHS (English-dubbed)
UPC# 702727043338
CAT# VAR/001
SRP $19.98

Synopsis: Action fans, hold onto your seats as the hit Playstation game comes to home video in a stunning new animated series! Join Elk, the youngest member of the Hunters Guild, who finds himself propelled into an epic odyssey across a mysterious world in search of the enigmatic outlaw known as Arc The Lad. Together with the mysterious Lieza and the powerful warrior Shu, Elk must defeat a sinister organization that's creating half-human monsters and find his way to Arc, whom Elk believes responsible for the destruction of his village! Mutants and assassins abound in the first spectacular volume of Arc The Lad! Contains the first 3 episodes in the series.

Shadowraiders: Final Hours
Pre-Book Date: 3/27/01
Street Date: 4/24/01
Approx. 115 minutes; Digitally Mastered
English, Rating: ALL AGES!!!

DVD (English)
UPC# 702727010927
CAT# DSR/003
SRP $24.98

VHS (English)
UPC# 702727069932
CAT# VSR/003
SRP $14.98

Synopsis: With the Beast threat growing, the Alliance once again tries to convince Lord Mantle of Planet Rock to join the fight. But treachery from within sabotages the negotiations. All seems lost until the Young Prince Pyrus and Zera crash on the planet Remora, and discover the "dead" world's secret. Armed with the knowledge that may well give them their victory, the Alliance begins its assault on the Beast's home base. Though their united affront seems to be working, it is only a matter of time before the planet Remora reveals its true nature-transforming into a giant killing sphere that could deal the final, crushing blow to the heroic rebel forces!

Available on DVD in April 2001:

Lost Universe: Volume 6
Pre-Book Date: 3/13/01
Street Date: 4/10/01
Approx. 125 minutes; Digitally Mastered
Rating: 12+ yrs.

DVD (Bilingual: Japanese with English subtitles, English)
UPC# 702727005022
SRP $29.98

Synopsis - Someone has turned the universe upside down! Millie and Nina are adrift in space! Rail Claymore is running for his life! Kain is hiding out! And Kali has just taken over the Universal Guardians! The only thing that could make matters worse is if an evil rival suddenly destroyed Swordbreaker. Oops. Maybe we spoke too soon. If only Grandma was here. She always knew what to do. At least until she was killed by the same villains who are out to get Kain right now. Things look bad, but the psi-blade master never says "die". Surely Kain will come out on top as he always has. There's no such thing as an invincible villain. Is there?

Martian Successor Nadesico: Paradigm Shifts
Pre-Book Date: 3/2/01
Street Date: 4/17/01
Approx. 100 minutes; Digitally Mastered
Rating: 12+

DVD (Bilingual: Japanese with English subtitles, English)
UPC# 702727009228
CAT# DND/004
SRP $29.98

Synopsis - A new military initiative takes the Nadesico by surprise and Akito finds himself cut adrift, but Erina's secret plans for the young pilot are sabotaged when the Jovians stage a daring series of raids on the city. Megumi and Minato are taken hostage, the Gekiganger team takes over and the entire universe gets turned upside down and inside out.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:6
Pre-Book Date: 3/2/01
Street Date: 4/17/01
Approx. 75 minutes; Digitally Mastered
Rating: 12+

DVD (Multilingual: English, Japanese with English subtitles, French,
UPC# 702727001628
SRP $29.98

Synopsis - The first test of the new Eva turns into a disaster as the giant bio-humanoid goes insane and proceeds to run amok! When the combined efforts of Asuka and Rei fail to stop the berserk monster, Shinji must face it alone in Unit 01. But his compassion for the fellow human trapped inside the beast becomes his undoing. As Gendo unleashes the monstrous power of Unit 01's autopilot, it becomes horribly apparent that the Evas are far more than just machines.

Available on VHS in April 2001:

Lost Universe: Volume 7
Pre-Book Date: 3/13/01
Street Date: 4/10/01
Approx. 75 minutes; Digitally Mastered VHS Hi-Fi
Rating: 12+ yrs.

VHS (English-Dubbed)
UPC# 702727055836
SRP $19.98

VHS (Japanese with English Subtitles)
UPC# 702727059933
SRP $29.95

Synopsis - The Nightmare Syndicate has done some pretty rotten things in their day. They've created an intricate web of mafias and crime organizations that rob the galaxy blind. They've unleashed their pirates on an unsuspecting population. And they've infiltrated the very highest levels of the galaxy's last hope: The Universal Guardians. But all of these crimes pale in comparison to what they did to Kain's Grandma. As far as he's concerned it's payback time and he won't rest until he's cleaned out the whole operation. With Millie and Canal distracted by Rail's problems, he'll have to go it alone. But a real Trouble Shooter wouldn't have it any other way!

Martian Successor Nadesico: Heavenly Bodies
Pre-Book Date: 3/13/01
Street Date: 4//10/01
Approx. 100 minuts; Digitally Mastered VHS Hi-Fi
Rating: ALL AGES!!!

VHS (English-Dubbed)
UPC# 702727047435
SRP $19.98

VHS (Japanese with English subtitles)
UPC# 702727051739
SRP $29.95

Synopsis - A beauty contest? On board the Nadesico? The crew of the ship goes crazy as the lovely ladies of the ship strip down to their bikinis for some decidedly non-military maneuvers. The fun and games turn deadly however, when the Nadesico becomes the target of a new Jovian weapon. With the ship outgunned and on the run, Yurika must find a way to turn the tables on their enemies in the 9th pulse-pounding collection of Martian Successor Nadesico!

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