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posted on 2001-03-11 23:06 EST
That Evangelion Poster floating around the web is not real.

ANN has received numerous inquiries about this picture (local mirror; original may be available here) which appears to be an advertisement for a new Evangelion production. Editor in Chief George Phillips has written this reply:

I believe Anime on DVD first confirmed that picture is, in fact, a piece of elaborate fan-art.

The translation of the text (made by Mori Yuji) reads:

Five years after the termination He cried for love again.

The sunshine reflecting on your eyes, the warmth of your soft hair. These are all useless to the world, the world where I live.

My mind is closed because you are near me. And I wish for again. The existence that will satisfy my mind, my **** mind (It was hard to read the word in *** part). This is the world where only I am. I wish for one who will save me from this world.

I keep standing alone in the sunshine even today I can not do nothing but keep standing, as a lonely existence.

Where you do not have to run away Where you do not have to do *** (It is hard to read the word in *** part) Where you do not have to smile
Where you do not have to cry
That's the world I wish for
What a nice world it is

And I wish for again The existence that will *** ("admit"?) me That will hurt me

Neon Genesis Evangelion the Movie Ai wa sadame, sadame wa shi ("Love is the destiny, the destiny is death" I think it is after the title of a famous SF novel)

Due in the spring, 2002

There are several features of this picture that prove beyond a reasonable doubt this picture is only a piece of work by a fan.

First of all, the "Dolby Stereo" logo in the lower right corner of the picture reads "In Stereoted Theter". I've never seen this standardized logo misprinted anywhere, not even in Japanese anime magazines. It's extremely unlikely this logo would be misprinted anywhere, especially with those spelling mistakes.

Secondly, a close up look reveals that "PRODUCTION LG/GAINAX EVA" will be doing the artwork. Production LG doesn't exist. What is (humorously) being referred to is Production I.G, who had a hand in the production of the Eva TV series and movies.

Finally, and most importantly, no one can find a Japanese anime news source that claims a new Eva OAV or Movie is being produced. Although fans might claim that such a production requires no hype, the truth of the matter is, if it were real, a Japanese news site would have heard about it and produced a story already.

Thus, we can say with a great amount of certainty, the picture is merely fanart.

-George "Cookie" Phillips
Anime News Network

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