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According to the March 29th Nippon Ikamono Shinbun, Sony and Sega have teamed up and begun work on a movie version of Zero Wing, an old Sega game made popular recently for its poor translation, which includes the line "All Your Base Are Belong To Us". The movie has tentatively been titled, Zero Wing: For Greater Justice.

Additional information has been uncovered regarding the upcoming Zero Wing: For Greater Justice movie:

This animated feature will run about 75 minutes long, and is due out in the Fall of 2002 in Japan. Production on the movie will begin later this month.

Voices to be used in the feature include:
Kunihiko Ida, as the "Captain",
Toshiro Mifune as the "Mechanic", and
Megumi Hayashibara, as "Kone-Kone", an all-new catgirl accomplice to the main villian.

No seiyuu has been listed for "CATS", although the words used seem to indicate a female actor is being considered for the role.

It isn't clear in the article if the Captain and Mechanic will be given proper names, or will simply be referred to by their titles.

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