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Lots of Bandai News

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Information concerning Gundam releases, Big O DVDs, Love Hina, Jin-Roh, and possible boxed set bonuses..

Source: Anime On DVD

According to information submitted to Anime on DVD by Pete Plank, all Gundam "One Year War" (08th MS Team, 0083, 0080, and the original Gundam (TV) series are slated to appear this year. Beginning in June expect to see more Gundam series, including some Gundam OAV series.

As stated before, the original Gundam TV series will be DUB ONLY due to licensing issues with Bandai of Japan, however the original Gundam movies will be released on DVD, subtitled, in November as a box set. 08th MS Team is due in August (sub/dub).

Due to the amount of time involved releasing Gundam TV and related titles, DVD releases of other catalogue titles have been delayed.

As reported earlier, the Gundam Wing Promotional Tour (a large 18 wheeled Gundam truck/"mobile suit factory") will begin traveling around the country starting this weekend and extending through September. It will be showcasing merchandise such as model kits, and action figures.

The Big-O will be released on four DVDs. It will not recieve a VHS release; VHS is now being relegated to mass-market titles alone. Other titles currently under work include Fancy La-La, Betterman, Z-Mind and Saber Marionette J to X (which includes three dub tracks: English, Spanish and Japanese). The Crest of the Stars, a science fiction series about a boy sent to live with a conquering alien race, DVD has been delayed 2 months. They also stated that they are still experimenting with how many episodes to distribute on a DVD.

Love Hina will not be coming out for a while; Bandai was not planning on announcing it at this con since they wanted to prevent the anticipation generated by "other" companies when announcing titles too far in advance.

There is no hard date set for Candidate for Goddess, which will air on Cartoon Network's Toonami as "Pilot Candidate". Bandai is considering things like a reversible cover (with the original title "Candidate for Goddess") or an alternate angle intro animation with the correct title if enough fans request it. Bandai is only calling this series "Pilot Candidate" for US release; all other markets will refer to it as Candidate for Goddess.

A full theatrical wide release for the Escaflowne movie has not been decided. However, Jin-Roh will premiere on the 28th of May in Long Beach, California. Mamoru Oshii will be attending (and potentially many anime-fan celebrities such as James Cameron). Full rollout will begin at the end of June in New York and Seattle. This will be a limited release initially; if it does well it may be expanded. Viz will be handling the theatrical release while Bandai does the home release. For more info and release information visit http://jin-roh.net

It hasn't been decided if there will be extras included with the Cowboy Bebop DVD box set, though things like an extra disc, toy, poster, etc. have been discussed. Only the Cartoon Network-edited version of Blue Sub No. 6 will be released on a single disc.

Other anime boxed sets are not actively planned due to brisk sales of individual discs. There will be no upgrade plans for existing Cowboy Bebop single disc owners due to the logistics involved.

Finally, the Escaflowne Vol. 8 DVD may have a Maaya Sakamoto concert as an extra, with Yoko Kano on piano.

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