Gundam Promo Tour Gearing Up

posted on 2001-03-05 12:30 EST
A 52-foot "Mobile Suit Factory", Gundam Games, Timeline info, and model kits all merge together in this 7-month promotional tour for Gundam.

A new article on the online trade magazine, KidScreen, provides some more details about the upcoming "Gundam Tour" across the US. In "Gundam goes cross-country", Kidscreen dryly details the upcoming Bandai Marketting Plan.

The Gundam Tour will take place in a 52-foot "Mobile Invasion" truck. The truck's decorum is similar to that of a Space Station Mobile Suit Factory. Monitors along the walls and at kiosks will play clips of Gundam episodes and battle scenes, while visitors may browse information about both Gundam Timelines. Playstation 2's equipped with Gundam games will be available to play outside the "Factory".

Bill Beebe, Bandai's senior VP of Sales and Marketting, claims that model kit seminars are arguably the most attractive feature of the Tour. With the expectation of high model kit sales, Bandai is also planning a Gundam "earn your rank" promo. According to Beebe, there are 23 medals to collect, each with a rank and skill level for each type of Gundam model completed. "You spend a week putting one of these models together," he says, "and now you have a pin showing you have achieved that rank... like Boy Scout badges."

Although no dates or locations have been made public on, this article mentions the Tour will stop at "extreme games events, anime expos, and Comicons". Expect to see it in 25 markets from March through September at TRU and Wal-Mart stores.

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