To Redub or not to Redub?

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J. Grybowski writes ANN with a very valid explanation of why he thinks FUNimation is probably planning on redubbing the first 13 episodes of Dragonball... eventually.

The following is a very logical letter ANN has received from Julian Grybowski, explaining why he thinks FUNimation is planning to dub the first 13 episodes of Dragonball.

Seing as how FUNimation has decided to start the new release & dubbing with episode 14, it has been assumed that they would not have the first 13 episodes redubbed.

I am of the opinion that the first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball will be re-dubbed. Why, you ask? For one thing, after the first 13 episodes, Pilaf, Shao and Mai (the first two of which had their voices chosen in a poll at do not appear again until after the Red Ribbon saga. Given that Funimation has stated that the initial run would only include about 28 episodes (going to either the 21st Budoukai or to part of the Red Ribbon saga, depending on which view you hold about the re-dub), it would not make any sense to cast these roles so far in advance. Also, TriMark/KidMark must still have the rights to release the first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball, as well as the first DB movie, since the DVD set including these was only recently released.

This being known, one can assume that probable cause of Funimation's not immediately releasing these episodes is that Trimark has the rights to release them, and Funimation cannot legally do so until these rights expire. After this point, I feel it is highly likely that there will be an uncut VHS/DVD version of the first 13 Dragon Ball episodes. Until then, however, Funimation will only be able to commercially release the episodes after this point in their uncut form. Though this is only my opinion, I consider this highly likely, given what is known at this time.

I hope you consider this opinion, and remember that nothing is definite until it is announced officially.


J. Grybowski

Well Julian, you've convinced us, all there is to do now is to wait and see and hope that you're right!

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