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posted on 2001-06-01 21:30 EDT
Tylor OVA DVD 2, Yamamoto Yohko Starship Girl Vol. 1 and 2, and the Macross II Original Soundtrack..

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Right Stuf Release Information: August 2001

Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Series: DVD 2
Character Portraits

Pre-book date: 8/14/2001 - Street date: 8/28/2001
Approximately 180 minutes, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, Color.
Science Fiction/Comedy

DVD (Bilingual) - English, Japanese, Japanese Subtitles
Catalog#: RSDVD2007
ISBN: 1-57032-868-4
UPC#: 7-42617-2007-2-4
SRP: $29.95

Suggested Rating: 13+

With the war mostly behind the crew of the Soyokaze as well as the Raalgon royalty, the action shifts to a series of "sidestories" which explore some of the principal characters in more depth. This disc focuses more specifically on so called "character portraits", although they do link the previous "Exceptional Episode" with the final "Here to Eternity".

Many years ago, Azalyn's best friend in all the universe was a similar aged boy named Ruu. Also royalty of a sort, they shared the way that children do and both pledged that one day they would rule fairly. Years later, Azalyn encounters a mute and unresponsive Ruu... he's been like this since Azalyn's father ordered the insurrection lead by Ruu's family to be crushed. Should he regain his memories, he will once again lead the charge and war may begin once more. Dom realizes this. The Ashran people realize this. The Raalgon court recognizes this. Azalyn, however..

Also included on this disc are stories featuring Yamamoto: action hero, Kojiro, testing a prototype fighter, Andressen, evaluating the newest Marine Battlesuit, and "White Christmas", where it's Christmas, Yuriko is waiting and Tylor is ... late.

The original TV series DVD release of Tylor has been a best seller - capture more sales with repeat customers with the OVA releases!


Yamamoto Yohko, Starship Girl Volume 1
Starship Girl

Pre-book date: 8/14/2001 - Street date: 8/28/2001
Approximately 60 minutes, Hi-Fi Stereo, Color.

VHS (Dubbed)
Catalog#: RS9011
ISBN: 1-57032-066-7
UPC#: 7-42617-9011-3-3
SRP: $19.98

A thousand or so years from now, people have a very civilized way of settling conflict: each side picks representatives, give them spaceships and have them fly against each other. The team that loses the skirmish also gives up their side's claim. Very handy ... unless you happen to have fighters not up to the task.

Terra team has had it tough lately: Ness' "Red Snappers" team has had things their way. Even with technically superior ships, things are bleak for Terra ... and to make matters worse, they only have three pilots. There has been a concerted effort to recruit girls (who are naturally the best pilots, anyway) from the past (specifically, the late 20th century) but despite their best efforts, the team keeps losing. They need someone special. They need a pilot of extraordinary skill to crew the new model ship. They need ... Yamamoto Yohko (whose reputation certainly precedes her, and this may not be a good thing). All they have to do is convince her that a better life awaits her in the future, that she will have new friends, new videogames, and some powerful hypertechnology (some things will take less prodding than others).

At stake is, well, everything ... every time they go out on a mission.

Are you ready?


Yamamoto Yohko, Starship Girl Volume 2
Echoes from the Past

Pre-book date: 8/14/2001 - Street date: 8/28/2001
Approximately 60 minutes, Hi-Fi Stereo, Color.

VHS (Dubbed)
Catalog#: RS9012
ISBN: 1-57032-067-5
UPC#: 7-42617-9012-3-2
SRP: $19.98

Rouge, it seems, isn't all bad after all. Oh sure, in battle there are few tougher opponents, but there is also a side which craves beauty and peace in the universe. Her mom was much the same, and her task was a noble one ... but is sadly incomplete. Worse, all her effort is in jeopardy as the laboratory (with an unstable nuclear reactor) is on a collision course with Earth!

Also in this volume: Girls really DO want to have fun, and since Terra Team is four girls ... that's four times the fun. In their one day of summer vacation, each has their own idea of how best to spend it, but something is decidedly wrong: there seems to be an inordinate amount of bad luck. Even more strange, it's almost as if someone is watching them from the shadows ...


AnimeTrax Release Information: August 2001


Macross II Original Soundtrack CD

Pre-book date: 8/14/2001 - Street date: 8/28/2001

Audio CD
Catalog#: AT9309
ISBN: 1-57032-893-5
UPC#: 7-42617-9309-2-8
SRP: $14.98

The motion picture soundtrack to the best-selling video release. 19
tracks, 52 minutes.

Graphic of this CD jacket is located at

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