I'm back

posted on 2001-06-09 09:54 EDT
Tempest is back from vacation with some news about the site.

Well, I'm back from my "vacation." The vacation from ANN was necessarry because working on ANN, holding a full time job and making wedding plans was quite simply wearing me out. Not to mention, all the new features we've been adding to ANN, the contests, the columns, etc... have made it that much more time consuming to manage the site.

Before I left, Cookie and I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't possible for us to continue as we were. The obvious conclusion in this case is that either we have to cut back on some of the many features that we've added to Anime News Network, or we have to bring in more people to help us maintain them.

The choice was obvious to us, not only will we not cut back on the features, but we plan on adding even more! So we'll be needing a few people to help us out. Over the next week or so we'll post more details about this.

As always, Thank you for reading.

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