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Nan Desu Kan July 2001 Update

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Scott McNeil (Voice Actor for Duo from Gundam Wing), and Nov Takahashi (coiner of the term 'cosplay') join the guest list, plus information about You Don't Know Jack @ NDK, Music Video News, and more!

NDK Update July 2001
Some absolutely awesome developments this month, that we couldn't wait to tell you about! After this one, we won't pop up again until August! I am leaving for Anime Expo on July 4th, and will not return until July 10th - do me a favor and limit mail to the convention account (this address) while I'm gone so the mailbox doesn't overflow. ^_^ I hope to return with more good Japanese guest news! Anyone going to Expo can look me up in the anime cons panel Friday evening at 6 p.m. ^_^

New guest alert!

We're happy to announce a new Voice Actor in our guest lineup! Scott McNeil joins the crew at NDK this year. Scott McNeil's most notable roles are Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing, Captain Harlock from the Galaxy Express 999 films, the original Piccolo from Dragonball Z, as well as the voices of Rattrap, Dinobot, Waspinator, & Silverbolt from Beast Wars: Transformers. We were lucky enough to meet Mr. McNeil at ACen this year, and we loved his easy-going, bright-eyed cheerful nature so much, we invited him on the spot. Although he's slim, otherwise McNeil doesn't look much like Duo due to his beard, bandana and blue jeans, but his good natured cheer is very reminiscent of Duo. This is what Duo would be like if he grew up to have a Harley and a pet Lab that liked catching frisbees. Quote of the day from McNeil, "You Rock!!!" Katsu describes him as "lickable" but we're sure she meant "likeable." We're also adding a Gundam Wing fan panel to the lineup in honor of Mr. McNeil.

We're also delighted, humbled and honored with the newly-confirmed appearance of Mr. Nov Takahashi. Nov Takahashi is the single man at the cross-point of every anime-related industry in Japan, including anime, video gaming, publishing, and now live action film as well. Mr. Takahashi has over 25 years of experience as a news man in the anime industry, and is the founder of Studio Hard, a publishing house and editorial house that has launched dozens of major anime and video game publications, including Newtype, B-Club, Dragon Magazine, Animedia, and a huge list of additional titles. If anyone in the industry could be considered a 'historical treasure,' I would nominate Mr. Takahashi, and Mr. Takahashi hopes to pass on an overview of his immense knowledge of the wide array of anime-related jobs, 'major players' and new developments to our attendees. Becca was impressed with Mr. Takahashi's knowledge in his panel at Animazement, and our good translation specialist Takeo Minami abashedly admitted keeping Mr. Takahashi up until 3 a.m. recently, fascinated with the many things Mr. Takahashi had to tell. Now Takeo is urging us to be ready to stay up all weekend to soak in any information possible, *grin*. No one who wants to know what's what and why should miss any panel with this gentleman.

This also marks the final long-hoped-for development in the special cosplay program we've developed for the year: Mr. Takahashi is also known as the man who coined the term 'cosplay' in his writings for New Anime magazine over 10 years ago, and has agreed to have a special cosplay panel with our costumers to chat about cosplay in Japan and America and his cosplay tips for the best possible presentation (we'll put a few of his notes on his guest page on the NDK site throughout the time before the convention!).
Costumers will have an unparalleled opportunity to exchange thoughts with the most knowledgeable person regarding cosplay in Japan! Mr. Takahashi's appearance will be slightly tentative until he knows the schedule for live action location scouting on the film he is helping to produce, and he has kindly promised to send a seiyuu or manga artist in his stead if he is not able to attend. We're quietly amazed at the amount of effort and trust Mr. Takahashi has put into the conventions in the US, to be willing to help us with such a critical area as guest relations. Please help us to honor this awesome guest!


Fanfics and writers - Katsu has the fanfic rules done and posted on the NDK Site! (Check out http://www.ndk.cc) We've also picked out some other topics for writers for the year - look for the return of the hysterical exercise 'Writing Your Worst,' with all new examples of what not to do in writing! And we'll be having other related panels including "The Shinma in the River of the Mind" on the presentation of horror in anime, manga, art and writing (no, the Writing Your Worst examples do not count, although perhaps they should), and the normal Writers' Roundtable on elements of writing, this year's topic TBA!


You Don't Know Jack at NDK!

We're introducing a new game show this year, a take off of the popular "You Don't Know Jack" computer game (that also has a new show on TV now too…).
Game organizer Murdock has three months to get it together, and he can use your help with cool questions - check out this link for details!

http://www.ndk.cc - look under 'Contests' ^_^ Thanks for any help!


Music Video News

Bakudan, NDK's master of our video gaming, is generously sponsoring a new Music Video Contest category/award.

The First Annual Bakudan Video Game Music Video Award

This award will be consist of whatever Bakudan wants to give the lucky winner and will be awarded to whichever music video using video game footage Bakudan likes the most.

Video game footage will be defined as any footage or material (including possibly screen shots or still frames) from video games and or computer games, (for those of you who make that distinction). So, this would include (but is definitely not limited to), Final Fantasy, Driver, Resident Evil, Super Mario Cart, Mech Warrior, Quake, Myst, etc… Think of the possibilities, people! Wynette says she personally has visions of Pong to Daft Punk, but she admits she has been known to have scary visions.


Volunteer news:

An all-staff-and-volunteer meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 22, 2001 at the Holiday Inn DIA at I70&Chambers - yes, this is the convention hotel. We will be meeting in the Breckinridge room (West side of hotel). Staff heads should meet from noon to 2 p.m., the general meeting for everyone will run from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., with catchup and question time for all areas from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. It is critical, if you wish to volunteer this year, that you either email Gordon at [email protected] or show up at this meeting to get the area you want. Late volunteers can end up getting assigned anywhere, and early volunteers help us quite a lot in knowing that we have coverage for all areas to keep things running smoothly. Early volunteers also have a chance at this meeting to meet and talk to your area heads so you know what you will need to do and when. If you are staff, it is very critical to make this meeting! We're paying for the meeting space in order to give you all an orientation time when you can see the hotel layout and rooms - your only other opportunity to do this as a group with Becca anywhere near is going to be at StarCon, and that will be catch as catch can and very late in the year!!!

At the meeting, Becca and Shawn will be there, as well as Gordon, so that if anything is unclear with your area head we can straighten it all out at one time. We still need - registration, dealers liaison, and logistics crew members, as well as a couple more people for kids' video.

The meeting schedule for the rest of the year is:
August 11 (Saturday) August 26 (Sunday)
September 9 (Sunday) September 15-16 (Saturday and Sunday)

As you can see, it's not long until the convention! Let's hit these few meetings hard and get all we can out of them! I'll announce the places set for each of these meetings in mid-July.


Registration is now up to $35 for the full weekend. You can mail in your registration to NDK, P.O. Box 514, Redwood Estates CA, 95044 with the information below and a check or money order made out to RMAA, or fill out and mail in the form on the NDK web site (http://www.ndk.cc). Rates now are Full weekend $35, Friday only $10, Saturday only $17.50, Sunday only $17.50. If you've missed the deadlines up to now, sign up right away so you don't miss the last one and get stuck with a paper badge and no goodies in your bag (boy, that sounds pathetic, doesn't it?). And we need the help to cover the guests' plane tickets ($8,000 eep!), while we're at it, so all help is much appreciated. People who've already registered, we appreciate your patience with this area for the other folks… Please tell your friends about NDK, it's the best way to make sure we grow and can bring in new cool guests. ^_^

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