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Anime and Manga Releases this Week

posted on by Scott Green
Anime and manga you will be able to find in stores this week.

Angel Links vol 4: Eternal Angel
Crest of the Stars - Wayward Soldiers (Vol. 3)
Dragon Ball Z - Babidi - Dark Prince Returns
Mobile Suit Gundam - The Red Comet (Vol. 2)
Mobile Suit Gundam - Threat of Zeon (Vol. 3)

clover vol 2 pkt gn
magical pokemon journey part 5 #3 (of 4)
maxion #22
pokemon advs part 5 #3 (of 4)

Angel Links is an action science fiction series that shares it setting with Outlaw Star. Meifon is a young women who runs the Angel Links security firm, which combats the pirates that are plaguing the space ways. In volume 4 Meifon has learned her past was not what it appeared to be. Meifon is tormented by the memories she has been having and by the
realization of her true destination.

Crest of the Fallen Star is a more thoughtful, less action oriented science fiction series about a young man from a planet that was conquered by a genetically enhanced offshoot of humanity. It return the his planet's surrender, the boy's father, the planet's president, entered into agreement to make his family nobility. After studying for years, the young man is now traveling with a young woman from the conqueror race. After arriving in one of the empire's baronies the pair is forced to start a civil war after the baron betrays them.

Mobile Suit Gundam continues the classic first Gundam series. Due to a licensing agreement the series is released only in English dubbing. In these volumes the young and intelligent, but inexperience grew of the battleship Whitebase, and Amuro Rei, the pilot the advanced mobile suit Gundam, the federations only hope against the Zeon rebellion's Zaku's continue to face off against their ace pilot Char.

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