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Best selling Anime from the November 3 issue of Billboard, as well as the current top sellers at Anime Castle and The Right Stuf International.

In Billboard's list of top VHS video sales for last week (to be published in the November 3 issue of Billboard) Pokémon 3 - The Movie occupies the 8th spot while Dragon Ball Z occupies the 21st and 25th spots with the edited versions of "Showdown" and "Dark Prince Returns" respectively; the unedited version of Showdown occupied the 38th position. There are no other Anime in the Top 40 video sales, top 25 DVD sales or top 25 kids video sales.

Over at The Right Stuff International the top ten selling Anime on VHS and DVD are:

Top 10 VHS Titles

  1. Dragon Ball Z Box Set 4: Frieza Saga (20-31) (Uncut) (D) (eps 61-92)
  2. Virgin Fleet (D)
  3. Nadesico, Martian Successor 12: Return to the Red Planet (D)
  4. My Dear Marie (S) [Metal Angel Marie]
  5. Farscape Collection 3 Box Set (volumes 7-9) (D) LiveAction
  6. Dirty Pair OVA Volume 1 (D)
  7. 801 TTS Airbats Vol. 2 (S)
  8. Dragon Ball Z 59: Babidi: Rivals (D) Uncut
  9. Golden Boy 6 (D) - Animation is Fun!
  10. Dragon Ball Z 58: Babidi: Dark Prince Returns (D) Uncut

Top 10 DVD Titles

  1. Votoms, Armored Trooper DVD Set 3 (DVD 9-12, Deadworld Sunsa) (S)
  2. Magic Knight Rayearth Collection 2 DVD (Hyb)
  3. Boogiepop Phantom Evolution 1 DVD (Hyb)
  4. Saber Marionette J DVD Collection 3 (Hyb) [10445]
  5. Zenki DVD (Hyb)
  6. Oh My Goddess! DVD 2 (Eps 4-5) (Hyb)
  7. Utena, Revolutionary Girl: The Movie DVD (Hyb) Limited Edition
  8. Arc the Lad Vol. 1: Hunters and Monsters DVD (Hyb)
  9. Dragon Ball Z 59: Babidi: Rivals DVD (Hyb)
  10. Tylor, Irresponsible Captain OVA Series DVD Set 1-3 (Hyb)

At Anime Castle the Top 3 selling Anime are:

Top DVD titles:

  1. Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 11 DVD : Faces of Evil
  2. Generator Gawl DVD Vol. 4
  3. X - The Movie DVD

Top VHS Titles:

  1. Vision of Escaflowne Boxset Vol. 1- 8 (sub)
  2. CardCaptor Sakura Vol. 3: Friends Forever (sub)
  3. Sailor Moon S TV Vol. 8: The Search for the Savior (sub,

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