Anime inspired Pilot wins Leaf Award

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Molly Star-Racer series to cost $300 000 an episode

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A pilot from an upcoming animated, french series, Molly Star-Racer, won a Leaf Award at this year's festival show. The London Effects and Animation Festival (LEAF) Awards are one of the premier awards in European animation and special effects.

Borrowing heavilly from Anime for it's look and feel, the producers are said to have borrowed from childhood memories of anime series like Dragon Ball and Lupin the 3rd. Nonetheless, the serie's story is said to be inspired more by Hanna Barbara's Wacky Races and Saint Exupéry's Le Petit Prince. However, the influences of Wacky Races anf Le Petit Prince are much less blatant than those of Anime, viewers will instantly be able to recognize the Anime derived animation and themes, and the background song is in Japanese.

Concept: The 8 greatest pilots in the universe are getting ready to face off on Oban, a giant planet located at the very center of the Galaxy. Too bad the Earth's Team #1 pilot was victim of a terrible sabotage minutes before the start of the race. With no other champion available within a 25 light-year radius, Molly, an unpredictable young girl, is earth's only hope of victory...

Produced by Paris based company, Sav! The World with 3d modeling by Paris based CGI studio Sparx, the 26 episode TV series is expected to cost aproximately $300 000 an episode.

A 17mb copy of the pilot is available on Sav! The World's website.

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