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The Adventures of the Little Prince (TV)

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Alternative title:
Abenteuer eines kleinen Prinzen (German)
El pequeño principe (Spanish)
El Principito (Spanish)
Hoshi no Ojisama Petit Prince (Japanese)
Il piccolo principe (Italian)
Las aventuras del Principito (Spanish)
Le Petit Prince (French)
Mały Książę (Polish)
O Pequeno Príncipe (Portuguese)
The Little Prince
الأمير الصغير (Arabic)
الرحالة الصغير The little Traveler (Arabic)
星の王子さま プチ・プランス (Japanese)
Genres: adventure
Objectionable content: None
Plot Summary: The Little Prince lives on Astroid B612, a tiny rock floating in space. He spends his days cleaning out the three small volcanos on the astroid (which he aslo uses to cook his breakfast) weeding out the baobob trees that threaten to take over, and caring for his friend the Rose Girl. When he gets lonely for company he catches a comet in his butterfly net and flies off to Earth for all sorts of adventures.
User Ratings: 44 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 1 vote (dub:1)
 Excellent: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Very good: 6 votes (sub:2, dub:1, ?:1, others:2
1 Arabic edited dub
1 Arabic dubbed
 Good: 15 votes (dub:9, sub:3, edit.dub:2, others:1
1 Arabic dubbed
 Decent: 10 votes (sub:4, dub:3, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Arabic dubbed
 So-so: 4 votes (sub:2, ?:1, dub:1)
 Not really good: 4 votes (sub:1, dub:1, raw:1, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Weak: 2 votes (dub:1, sub:1)
 Bad: 1 vote (edit.dub:1)
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 233 users, rank: #3448 (of 9410)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.273 (Decent+), std. dev.: 1.6148, rank: #6327 (of 9518)
Weighted mean: 6.174 (Decent+), rank: #6549 (of 9518) (seen all: 6.49 / seen some: 6.41 / won't finish: 4.37)
Bayesian estimate: 6.490 (Decent+), rank: #5141 (of 7151)
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 39
Episode titles: We have 39
1978-07-04 to 1979-03-27
1988 (Colombia)
1995-09-07 (Germany)
1998 (Colombia - Cadena Uno)
Release dates: We have 2
Opening Theme:
"Hoshi no Ouji-sama Petit Prince" (星の王子さま プチ・プランス) by Kenzaburo Suzuki
Ending Theme:
"Hoshi no Samba" (星のサンバ) by Twinkle Sisters
Links: We have 1
The original broadcast was 35 episodes. Four additional epiodes were distributed with the home video release.
News: Show:
In Memoriam (Dec 31, 2009)
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DVD (Region 1)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince - The Complete Animated Series (Dub.DVD) 2005-09-06 (from $27.89)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince - The Complete English Language Series (Dub.DVD) 2017-10-31
    The Adventures of The Little Prince - Higher Than Eagles Fly (Dub.DVD 1) 2005-09-06 (from $33.49)
    The Adventures of The Little Prince - Somewhere in Space (Dub.DVD 2) 2005-09-06 (from $22.42)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince - The Perfect Planet (Dub.DVD 3) 2006-04-04 (from $12.53)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince - The Star Gazer (Dub.DVD 4) 2006-04-04 (from $8.39)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince - The Greatest Gift (Dub.DVD 5) 2006-12-05 (from $7.99)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince - The Magic Case (Dub.DVD 6) 2006-12-05 (from $11.73)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince [Special Edition Tin] (Dub.DVD 3-6)
    The Adventures of the Little Prince [CED] [Dub] (LD 1) 1985-00-00
    The Adventures of the Little Prince [Dub] (LD 1) 1983-00-00
    The Little Prince - Next Stop, Planet Earth [CED] [Dub] (LD 2) 1985-00-00

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Akira Adachi (ep 9)
Eiichi Tachi (eps 1, 5, 30)
Haruya Yamazaki (4 episodes
eps 11, 15, 21, 29

Keiko Sugie (eps 24, 28)
Masaaki Sakurai (eps 10, 25, 27)
Susumu Yoshida (eps 2, 23)
Takeo Kaneko (ep 6)
Tomomi Tsutsui (ep 34)
Toyohiro Andō (eps 16, 22)
Tsunehisa Itō (8 episodes
eps 3-4, 7, 12-13, 31-32, 35

Yoshiaki Yoshida (7 episodes
eps 8, 14, 17-20, 26

Episode Director:
Hajime Tanaka (ep 34)
Kazuo Terada (6 episodes
eps 14, 16, 21, 27, 29, 33

Masanori Miura (7 episodes
eps 4-6, 12, 18, 24, 28

Norio Kashima (7 episodes
eps 7-9, 11, 19, 25, 32

Osamu Sekita (9 episodes
eps 3, 10, 15, 17, 20, 22, 26, 31, 35

Takeyuki Kanda (eps 13, 23)
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (eps 1-2, 30)
Original story: Antoine De Saint-Exupéry
Art Director: Hironari Hachimura
Art design: Kazusuke Yoshihara
Sound Director: Hiroshi Yamazaki
Color design: Naoko Takashima
Production Desk: Kazuo Harada
Special Effects: Masao Tazaki
Tatsuya Matsuno as Little Prince

Gorō Naya as Grandpa
Hiroshi Masuoka as Bird
Ichirō Nagai as Zenbe
Junpei Takiguchi as Osman
Kazuya Tatekabe as Baobab
Masako Ikeda as Anna
Miina Tominaga as Mary
Minori Matsushima as Adonis
Nobuo Tanaka as Frank
Yoshiko Matsuo as Rose

Hiroko Maruyama as Claude
Kaoru Kurosu as Peter
Kazue Takahashi as Boss
Keiko Yokozawa as Saten
Kiiko Nozaki as Queen Diamond
Masaaki Yajima as Narrator
Minoru Yada as Old Man
Japanese companies
Backgrounds: Studio Jack
Broadcaster: TV Asahi
Film Developing:
Toyo Laboratory
Finish Animation: Studio Robin
Alshurq Aladna Company (Jordan) 
Recording: Central Recording
Sound Effects: Ishida Sound Production
English staff
English companies
Producer: Jameson Brewer
TV Ontario (early 1980s)
Distributor: Vestron Video (VHS/CED)
Internet Streaming:
Crunchyroll (via Discotek Media; Sub Only)
Licensed by:
Discotek Media (2017)
Koch Vision
English cast
Julie McWhirter as The Little Prince
Katie Leigh as The Little Prince

Hal Smith as Swiftee the Space Bird
Janet Waldo as Danya

Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Emilio Noya (Argentine dub)
Executive producer: Hilel Chelminsky (Zima Entertainment)
Alicia Sáinz De La Maza as Principito (Spain dub)
Andrea Higa as El Principito (Argentine dub)
Carlos Petrel as Gigante
Ivette Gonzalez as Niño
Juan Cuadra as Hombre en pueblo
Marcela Bordes as El principito (Resto)
Nuria Doménech as Petit Príncep (Catalan dub)
Roberto Alexander as Narrador, Swifty, Piloto
Rocio Garcel as El principito (Primera voz)

Antonio Crespo as Swifty (Catalan dub)
Ariel Abadi as Swifty (Argentine dub)
Eduard Elias as Narrador (Catalan dub)
M. Carmen Alarcón as Rosa (Catalan dub)

Ana María Solsona as Mare (Catalan dub; ep 8)
Aurora García as
Kara (Catalan dub)
Sean (Catalan dub)
Carmen Contreras as Lidia (Catalan dub)
Eduard Elias as Pilot (Catalan dub)
Emili Freixas as Padrí (Catalan dub)
Félix Benito as Avi de la Kara (Catalan dub)
Ferran Llavina as Michael (Catalan dub)
Jaume Lleal as
Pare de la Kara (Catalan dub)
Pare de la Marla (Catalan dub)
Joan Antón Ramoneda as Munsel (Catalan dub)
Joaquim Sota as Presentador (Catalan dub)
Jordi Dauder as Pare d'en Sean (Catalan dub)
Jordi Vila as Alcalde (Catalan dub)
Juan Manuel Echave as Narrator (Argentine dub)
Manuel Lázaro as Transportista (Catalan dub)
Marta Barbará as Noia de la mansió (Catalan dub)
Miquel Bonet as Rufus (Catalan dub)
Mònica Padrós as Marla (Catalan dub)
Pilar Morales as Sheila (Catalan dub)
Roser Contreras as Fill del transportista (Catalan dub)

Alberto García Satur (Argentine dub)
Carolina Odena (Argentine dub)
Claudio Munda (Argentine dub)
Gonzalo Fumero (Argentine dub)
Hernán Tracchia (Argentine dub)
Lucas Medina (Argentine dub)
Sebastián Fernández (Argentine dub)
Spanish companies
ADR Studio: Main Post (Argentine dub)
Cadena Uno (Colombia)
Canal Sur (Spain)
Canal Uno (Colombia)
T.V. Cable (Colombia)
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Latin America)
Licensed by:
Video Digital (Argentina)
Zima Entertainment (Mexico; expired)
Italian staff
Italian companies
Dubbing Director: Lucia Luconi
Italia 1 (from February 1983)
Rete 4 (from 9 September 1985)
Dubbing: GOLDEN
Italian cast
Simona Ramieri as Principe
German staff
German companies
Junior (from 13 March 2000)
Kabel.1 (from 7 September 1995)
German cast
Arabic staff
Arabic cast
Executive producer: Adnan Al-Awamleh

Audio Recording: Muhammad Bdiwi Al-Omari
Composed & Arranged: Wael Abu Nawwar
OP Theme Song Performance: Wael Abu Nawwar
Supervision: Mousa Ammar
Hisham Al-Huneidi as Narrator
Joseph Nano as Swiftee
Madeleine Tabar as Little Prince

Hussein Abu Hamad as various characters (10 episodes
eps 1, 7-9, 13-15, 18, 22, 25
Muhammad Al-Qabbani as various characters (18 episodes
eps 2, 4, 8-10, 12-19, 21, 23-26
Muhammad Helmy as various characters (8 episodes
eps 9-10, 13, 15-16, 18, 21, 24
Rifaat Al-Najjar as various characters (17 episodes
eps 1-3, 7-13, 15-18, 20-21, 24

Amal Al-Dabbas as various characters (eps 13, 17)
Asaad Khalifa as various characters (ep 14)
Atta Khalil as various characters (eps 2, 24)
Bakr Qabbani as various characters (eps 11, 19, 25)
Dawud Jalajil as various characters (4 episodes
eps 9, 21, 23, 26
Emad Zaytoon as various characters (4 episodes
eps 14-15, 23, 26
Fawzia Abu Zayd as various characters (eps 8-9, 13, 15)
Hala Al-Khazen as various characters (eps 5-6, 25-26)
Mousa Ammar as various characters (4 episodes
eps 10-11, 14, 19
Nasr Anani as various characters (eps 1, 3)
Omar Hamed as various characters (ep 10)
Randa Zakaria as various characters (eps 11, 19)
Reem Saadeh as various characters (eps 21-24, 26)
Suheir Fahad as various characters (ep 20)
Taiseer Attieh as various characters (eps 2, 4, 8)
Arabic companies
Polish staff
Polish companies
Distributor: Eurokadr
Polish cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Marcelo Gastaldi (Maga)

Screen Inserts:
Carlos Alberto Vaccari (VHS release)
Sérgio Marques (Focus Filmes release)
Carla Maciel as Pequeno Príncipe (Portugal)
Telma Lúcia as Pequeno Príncipe

Armando Tiraboschi as Billy (ep 8)
Borges de Barros as Pai de Marla (ep 5)
Carlos Campanile as Senhor dos balões (ep 1)
Carlos Seidl as Ladrão Bush (ep 3)
Cecília Lemes as Florzinha
Denise Simonetto as Molly (ep 2)
Ezio Ramos as Sr. Jarriet (VHS release)
Flávio Dias as
Billy (VHS release)
Ladrão gordinho (ep 3)
Francisco Borges as
Limpador de Chaminé (Maga)
Narrador (VHS release)
Jorge Paupério as Vivaz (Portugal)
José Soares as Avô de Molly (ep 2)
Márcia Gomes as Marla (ep 5)
Marcos Lander as Narrador
Maria Inês as Carlos
Nélson Batista as Pássaro Swift (VHS release)
Nelson Machado as Pássaro Swift
Potiguara Lopes as Senhor Jarriet (ep 6)

Portuguese companies
Loading (Brazil)
Rede Brasil
RTP2 (Portugal)
SBT (Brazil)
Distributor: Hot Video (VHS)
Dubbing Studio:
BKS (VHS release)
DVD Distribution: Focus Filmes
Internet Streaming:
Licensed by: A2 Filmes (2010)

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