Toyo Laboratory

Kanji name: 東洋現像所
Foundation date: 1942
Changed the company name to IMAGICA in 1986
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
(The) Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

(The) Adventures of the Little Prince (TV) : Film Developing

(The) Adventures of Tom Sawyer (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Aim For The Best! (TV) : Production Cooperation

(The) Alps Story: My Annette (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Anne of Green Gables (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Astro Boy (TV 2/1980) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Astroganger (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Captain (movie) : Film Developing

Captain (TV) : Film Developing

Chiisana Jumbo (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

(The) Chocolate Panic Picture Show (OAV) : Film Developing

Conan, the Boy in Future (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

(The) Dagger of Kamui (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Dasshu Kappei (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

A Dog of Flanders (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Don Chuck Monogatari (TV) : Film Developing (now IMAGICA)

Doraemon (TV 1/1973) : Development

Fables of the Green Forest (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! (movie) : Development

Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! Ā Tsuppari Jinsei (movie) : Development

Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! Gekitō Pennant Race (movie) : Development

Genesis Climber Mospeada (TV) : Film Developing (now: IMAGICA)

Ginga Patrol PJ (TV) : Film Developing

Golgo 13: The Professional (movie) : Film Processing

Greed (OAV) : Film Developing (now IMAGICA)

(The) Green Cat (OAV) : Film Developing (now IMAGICA)

Harmagedon (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Heidi - A Girl of the Alps (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Honoo no Alpen Rose: Judy & Randy (TV) : Film Developing (now IMAGICA)

Hoshi no Ko Chobin (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Igano Kabamaru (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Ippatsu Kanta-kun (TV) : Film Developing

Jack to Mame no Ki (movie) : Development (now Imagica)

Jungle Kurobe (TV) : Production Cooperation

Karuizawa Syndrome (OAV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Kashi no Ki Mokku (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Katry, the Cow Girl (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

A Little Princess Sara (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Manga Sekai Mukashi Banashi (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Marco - From the Apennines to the Andes (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Meitantei Holmes: Aoi Ruby no Maki / Kaitei no Zaihō no Maki (movie) : Film Developing

Mirai Shōnen Conan Tokubetsu-hen - Kyodaiki Gigant no Fukkatsu (movie) : Development (now Imagica)

Mori no Yōki na Kobito-tachi: Berufi to Rirubitto (TV) : Film Developing (now IMAGICA)

Musashi no Ken (TV) : Development (eps 1-37)

Night on the Galactic Railroad (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Nora (OAV) : Development

Odin - Starlight Mutiny (movie) : Scanimate

Ogon Bat (TV) : Developing

One-Million Year Trip: Bander Book (special) : Film Developing

Paul no Miracle Daisakusen (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

(The) Perrine Story (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Phoenix 2772 - Space Firebird (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Princess Knight (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Raccoon Rascal (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Rain Boy (OAV) : Film Developing (IMAGICA)

Ringing Bell (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

(The) Rose of Versailles (TV) : Film Developing

Sazae-san (TV) : Film Developing

Sea Prince and the Fire Child (movie) : Film Developing

Sherlock Hound (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Sugata Sanshiro (special) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

(The) Super Dimension Fortress Macross (TV) : Film Developing

Swiss Family Robinson (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Tales of the Street Corner (movie) : Film Processing

Tao Tao Ehonkan (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Tekkaman, the Space Knight (TV) : Film Developing

Time Bokan (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Tokimeki Tonight (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Tondemo Senshi Muteking (TV) : Development (now Imagica)

Tsushimamaru: Sayonara Okinawa (movie) : Film Developing

UFO Senshi Daiapolon (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Unico: Short Story (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Vampire (live-action TV) : Film Developing

Wata no Kuni Hoshi (OAV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Yoroshiku Mechadock (TV) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

Yume no Hoshi no Button Nose (TV) : Development (now IMAGICA)

Yuyake Banchō (TV) : Film Developing

Zō no Inai Dōbutsuen (movie) : Film Developing (now Imagica)

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