Honoo no Alpen Rose: Judy & Randy (TV)

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Alternative title:
Alpen Rose
Flower of the Mountain زهرة الجبل (Arabic)
Julie et Stephane (French)
Rosa Alpina (Italian)
炎のアルペンローゼ・ジュディ&ランディ (Japanese)
Genres: drama, romance
Themes: historical
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: While Randy was walking through the Swiss countryside he finds a small girl, who seemed to be the only survived person from an airplane crash. The little girl didn’t remember anything, and Randy decided to take care of her and he called her Judy. The both go their childhood together. A few years later, Judy, now 16 years old, wants to find her past. With the help of Randy, she leaves to research her origins. Her single clue is a song that she keeps hearing in her head, the song is called Alpine Rose. At a time of world war, these two young people will have to overcome many obstacles to arrive at their goal in this time of war, with having only each other to comfort and support. the depth of their love.
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 20
Episode titles: We have 20
1985-04-08 to 1986-04-03
1988-09-07 to 1989-03-01 (France)
Opening Theme:
"Yume no Tsubasa Alpen Rose" by Konii
Ending Theme:
"Yancha na Angel" by Konii
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Series Composition: Sukehiro Tomita
Music: Joe Hisaishi
Original Manga: Michiyo Akaishi
Character Design: Akemi Takada
Art Director: Kikuko Tada
Animation Director: Tomonori Kogawa (OP)
Mechanical design: Ammonite
Director of Photography: Kazunori Hashimoto
Executive producer: Kenji Yoshida
Kazuya Maeda (Fuji TV)
Kenji Yoshida
Masatoshi Yui (Tatsunoko Production)
Minoru Ohno (Yomiko Advertising)
Ryuunosuke Endou (Fuji TV)

Background Art: Kikuko Tada
Color design: Michiru Yoshida
Akira Inoue (Tatsunoko Pro)
Minoru Uchima
Production manager: Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
Theme Song Arrangement: Joe Hisaishi (ED)
Theme Song Composition:
Hiro Nagasawa (ED)
Joe Hisaishi (OP)
Keiichi Nanba as Randy

Kazuhiko Inoue as Leon Aschenbach
Masako Katsuki as Printemps
Rihoko Yoshida as Countess Francoise of Germont
Sho Hayami as Jean Jacques aka Tarantula
Tooru Oohira as General Henri Guisan

Keiko Yokozawa as Clara
Kenyuu Horiuchi as Narration
Miki Takahashi as Marie Mueller
Noriko Hidaka as Martha (*)
Run Sasaki as Liesl
Saeko Shimazu as Mathilda
Shigeru Nakahara as Johann
Shūichi Ikeda as Count Gulmon
Shūsei Nakamura as Friedrich Brendel
Yoku Shioya as Hans

Japanese companies
Film Developing: Toyo Laboratory (now IMAGICA)
Production Cooperation: Yomiko Advertising, Inc.
French cast
French staff
Theme Song Performance: Estelle Baron
Gilles Laurent as Stéphane Corto (Randy)
Laurence Crouzet as Julie Brendel (Judy)

Dorothée Jemma as Comtesse de Gourmont (1ère voix)
Jean-Pierre Delage as Général Guisant
Magali Barney as Comtesse de Gourmont (2ème voix)
Maurice Sarfati as
Régis Reuilhac as Comte de Gourmont

Anne Jarry as Katarina
Dorothée Jemma as
la comtesse de Gourmont - Marie
Jean-Pierre Delage as
Commandant Sheïer
Père de Julie
Magali Barney as Mathilda
Marc Lebel as Père de Mathilda
Maurice Sarfati as Jean-Jacques - Ponpon le perroquet
Monique Thierry as Hélène Dunan
Renée Régnard as Grand Mère de Julie
Roger Crouzet as
Jacques Dunan
Vincent Ropion as Léonard Ashenbach

French companies
AB 3 (from 9 May 2005)
Antenne 2 France (from 7 September 1988)
Distributor: Black Box
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director:
Augusto Di Bono
Dania Cericola (new dub)
Federico Danti

Fiamma Molinari (new dub)
Silvia Rebez (new dub)
Mixing: Massimo Parretti (new dub)
Sound Engineer: Camillo Pellegrino (new dub)
Claudio Colombo as Randy
Debora Magnaghi as Jeudi (new dub)
Massimo Di Benedetto as Lundi (new dub)

Alessandra Karpoff as
Angela Cicorella as Nonna Dunan
Annamaria Mantovani as Nonna (new dub)
Antonio Paiola as
Capotreno (new dub)
Gen. Ginzar
Cinzia Massironi as Reezle (new dub)
Claudio Ridolfo as Jean (new dub)
Dania Cericola as
Marie Muller
Daniela Fava as Clara (new dub)
Dario Oppido as Duboir (new dub)
Davide Garbolino as Hans 2 (new dub)
Debora Magnaghi as Clara
Diego Sabre as
Soldato Delle S.S.
Valletto #5 (new dub)
Donato Sbodio as Maggiordomo dei Dunan
Elda Olivieri as Helene (new dub)
Emanuela Pacotto as Matilda (new dub)
Federico Danti as
Friedrich (new dub)
Scagnozzi di Tavernier
Gabriele Calindri as Heinrich (new dub)
Gianfranco Gamba as Conte Tavernier
Gianluca Iacono as Hans (new dub)
Giorgio Bonino as
Leonard Ashenbach
Robert (new dub)
Giovanni Battezzato as Scagnozzi Di Tavernier
Giuliano Bonetto as Conte Di Gaulmont
Ivo De Palma as John
Lia Barbieri as Plantan
Lorella De Luca as Martha (new dub)
Lorenzo Scattorin as Gourmont (new dub)
Luca Bottale as Valletto #6 (new dub)
Luca Semeraro as Johann (new dub)
Marcella Silvestri as Marie (new dub)
Marco Balbi as Bormann (new dub)
Marco Balzarotti as Voce Narrante (new dub)
Marinella Armagni as Caterina
Mario Scarabelli as
Schreier (new dub)
Ufficiale Bulman
Maurizio Scattorin as Nonno (new dub)
Natale Ciravolo as Tronchant (new dub)
Orlando Mezzabotta as Dottore
Paolo De Santis as Plantan (new dub)
Paolo Torrisi as Randy da bambino
Pasquale Ruiu as Robert
Patrizia Salmoiraghi as
Contessa Françoise Tavernier (new dub)
Patrizio Prata as Leon (new dub)
Pietro Ubaldi as
Frederik Brendel
Michel Tronehan
Riccardo Mantani as
Dott. Muller
Nonno Dunan
Riccardo Rovatti as
Du Bois
Gizan (new dub)
Sergio Romano' as Randy
Stefano Albertini as Lavin (new dub)
Tullia Piredda as Contessa Francoise Tavernier
Valeria Falcinelli as Elene Dunan

Italian companies
D1 Television
La 7 Cartapiu (from October 2007)
Rete 4 (from 1985)
Super 3
Telesubalpina (from 2002)
Distributor: Yamato Video
Arabic staff
Arabic cast
Audio Recording & Mixage: Muhammad Al-Kharoof
General Supervision: Akram Al-Momani
Supervision: Nasr Anani
Theme Song Composed & Arranged: Wael Abu Nawwar
Theme Song Lyrics: Muhammad Al-Daher
Theme Song Performance: Aida Abu Nawwar
Eman Hail as
Juman (Judy; primary)
Juman's mother
Parrot (eps 11-20)
Taiseer Attieh as Hassan (Randy)

Ghannam Ghannam as Basil
Hamida Al-Arabi as Lubna
Hussein Abu Hamad as Juman's father
Maher Khammach as
General Karim
Muhammad Al-Qabbani as Abd Al-Qader
Muhammad Helmy as
Juman's grandfather
Nasr Anani as Narrator
Suheir Fahad as Parrot (eps 1-10)
Wafa Qusous as Juman's grandmother

Hisham Hamada as various characters (eps 9-10, 18-20)
Rania Fahad as various characters (eps 13-14, 16)
Arabic companies
Al-Anoud Studios (Jordan - First Dubbing)
Spacetoon (was brodcasted on spacetoon on 2006/2007)

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