AnimeFringe, Feb 2002

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AnimeFringe has put out its February issue, containing information about Great Teacher Onizuka, a 'diagnosis' of Fanboys and Fangirls, and much more!

Cover Feature:
Great Teacher Onizuka
Eikichi Onizuka was like most people in their twenties... he had no idea what he wanted from his life, no real direction. That is, until he got it in his head that he wanted to shack up with some high school girls. What's an ex-biker in college to do? What else... become a teacher so he can seduce some fresh jailbait.

Fanboys and Fangirls - Symptoms and Diagnosis
They are one of the greater mysteries of otakudom. Ever wondered what made that cute cosplayer tick? Or that person who uses quotes from anime in every single conversation, and sneers at you when you don't know what they're from? Our fledgling Animefringe reporter, Alex Brotman, brings us a full-fledged expose on the intricacies of fandom. Use caution when you read this... you might find out some things about yourself that you're not prepared to know.

Plus... we've got a special Valentine's edition of the insanely popular editorial Chasing Otakuism, some of the latest Briefs from around the world, and a slew of hot new reviews including one on the first volume of the brand new Rurouni Kenshin: Seisou Hen OVA series. All this plus so much more. Check out why don't ya?

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