Char's Counterattack and G-Gundam on Cartoon Network

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Char's Counterattack and Mobile Fighter G-Gundam to join Gundam 0083 in Cartoon Network's "Coming Soon" lineup.

According to this article in the March 2002 online issue of Altered State Magazine, several more Gundam titles will be making their way to Cartoon Network in 2002.

In addition to the already confirmed tv series Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory, Gundam movie 4: Char's Counterattack and Mobile Fighter G-Gundam will be aired on Cartoon Network in 2002.

Created in 1991, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory takes place 3 years afte the end of the war between the Zeon and the Federation when a group of former Zeon soldiers band together to rebuild Zeon.

Theatrically released in 1988, Char's Counterattack concludes the long standing feud between the original Gundam Adversaries, Char Aznable and Amuro Rei.

G-Gundam, which should not be confused with the live action G-Saviour Gundam already out on DVD, is the first of three alternate Gundam Universes created when Sunrise commisioned a group of newcomers to create an entirely new and alternate Gundam universe to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Gundam. Gundam Wing and Gundam X are the other two.

G-Gundam is set in the FC (Future Century) timeline, in FC 60. In the alternate, FC timeline the roles have been reversed with the Colonies being teh center of humanity and Earth little more than a ravaged wasteland used for Gundam fighting contests.

According to the Altered State article, the English version, the God Gundam will be called the Burning Gundam, and the Devil Gundam will be called the Dark Gundam. This is concistent with Cartoon Network's editing policy of removing anything remotely religious.

Also covered in the Altered State article are a large number of models that Bandai will be releasing this year, particularly a large number of G-Gundam models and action figures.

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