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May Manga Releases

posted on by Scott Green
Diamond Distributor's has released their monthly Previews catalogue with the comic releases for the month of May. If you are interested in pre-ordering any of the releases talk to your local comic shop. (A list can be found at Oh My Goddess!, and samurai action Blade of the Immortal from Dark Horse, TOKYOPOP's releases collections of CLAMP's Angelic Layer, Kare Kano, and Kodocha, and Viz's releases of Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 6, Tezuka's Phoenix, and a new volume of X/1999.

ComicsOne.com will be releasing complete sets of Joan and Tomie.

The Joan collection will retail for $39.50. In Medieval France, during the Hundred Years War, the same man who took Joan of Arc under his wing raises a young woman named Emil to follow in her footsteps. Guided by visions of Joan of Arc, Emil seeks to unite France under the divine rule of the King. In her quest, Emil retraces Joan's journey to power, and gains her own followers and enemies along the way. Is Emil the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, or just another deluded soul? Will Emil's life end the way Joan's did? Collected in a three-volume set for the first time, Joan is a beautifully painted historical epic that thoughtfully reconsiders one of the watershed moments of Western history.

Tomie, by Junji Ito (creator of Uzamaki) will retil for $17.50. Tomie by Junji Ito Tomie is a high school heartbreaker with a dark secret: no matter how hard you try to kill her, she comes back! Whether she's chopped up, buried, or drowned, Tomie will return to wreak vengeful havoc on those around her! As long as there is a droplet of Tomie's hellish flesh left, she can grow back to her beautiful, evil self. This chilling series by Japanese horror master Junji Ito is now available in a two-volume set. Tomie will remind you of the EC horror classics with a manga twist.


Central Park Media will be releasing Geobreeders volume 3,Slayers Special volume 5.

In Geobreeders "Kagura security is on vacation for three days, but can they avoid things blowing up? Don't bet on it! The Phantom Cats don't go on vacation!".

In Slayers Special #5 "Lina's up to her eyeballs in trouble and she's throwing Naga at the danger again. This time the Dark Crystal is at stake. Can Lina possibly defeat the dark sorcerer Galdin?"

Dark Horse Comics:

Related non-manga releases include the first of the four issue Lone Wolf 2100 mini series by Mike Kennedy and Francisco Ruiz Velasco: "It's a hundred years from now and the world is coming apart. A deadly man-made virus known as the "War Spore" is spreading, the debilitating effects felt by man and android alike. Whole populations have become refugees; barred at every border. Human-like android emulation constructs called EmCons, suspected of intentionally releasing the virus, are in revolt. Only a few places on earth remain safe havens from the Spore… Hiding among the displaced hordes are a man named Itto and a young girl, Daisy. She is the daughter of a renowned scientist who was working on a cure for the virus. He was her father's bodyguard, but now his accused murderer. They're on the run from the operatives of the Cygnat Owari Corporation, men — and machines — who will stop at nothing to kill the man and retrieve the girl. Whether Daisy is an infectious carrier of the virus, as the corporation claims, or something more, as Itto believes, escape is but the first step on their journey, the final destination of which is vengeance… Part homage, and partly a re-imagining of the original Lone Wolf and Cub manga, this special project is being done in association with MegaHouse (the authorized licensors of Lone Wolf and Cub), and under the watchful eye of Kazuo Koike, the writer and co-creator of Lone Wolf and Cub. "

The Dark Horse Extra #47 anthology will feature the end of Stan Sakai's serialized Usagi Yojimbo story.

In Astro Boy Volume 4 Astro fights to free abused robots from a robot theme park that masks a secret weapons factory; Astro and fellow robots are stranded on the moon only to discover a valley full of diamonds...but they are not alone, and the diamonds are not unguarded; Astro becomes trapped in the twentieth century after a child prodigy's time machine breaks down; and Professor Ochanomizu and Astro Boy are caught up in a movement to overthrow a dictator who has a machine capable of producing human clones...and a force of evil robots to defend it.

Lone Wolf And Cub Vol. 22: Heaven And Earth in "Rain. Poison. Explosives. Vengeance. It's a deadly combination that forms a volatile mixture of deceit, betrayal, and hate as the final showdown between Lone Wolf assassin Ogami Itto and his nemesis Retsudo begins. While the torrential rains continue to pound Edo, the fiery Retsudo and his bloodthirsty Yagyu army rush along the banks of the swelling Hatcho River, racing to beat a load of explosives that's traveling down the other side, heading right into the hands of the vengeful samurai Ogami. Meanwhile, the cunning poisoner Abeno sees his chance to destroy both sides as they run headlong on their collision course — he's going flood all of Edo! Forced to put their battle aside, Ogami and Retsudo find themselves fighting side by side to save all of Edo from the floods, while Ogami's little son Daigoro wanders alone, fighting for his life and searching for his father! It's a deluge of evil, and it threatens to wash away all!
that stands in its path!"
This volume features Lone Wolf and Cub stories not previously released in the US.

In Blade Of The Immortal #68: Beasts Part 3 (Of 7), bad things happen to the assasin Hyakurin after being captured by vengeful members of the Itto-ryu sword school.

In the Blade of the Immortal colllection "Secrets" Anotsu Kagehisa, murderous leader of the rogue Ittö-ryü, has journeyed to the mountains far from Edo to the romote Shingyötö-ryü dojo under invitation to bring the sword school under his wing. But instead of a warm welcome, Anotsu finds a dojo full of angry young men who don't want to take orders from an upstart, unless he can proves he's tougher than the best of them! That sits just fine with Anotsu, who has dedicated his life to putting the killing back into Japan's formalized sword schools, but Anotsu suspects that something more than proof of his worthiness lies beneath the challenge. Meanwhile, the immortal swordsman, Manji, is recovering from a battle that left him literally cut to pieces. His charge, Rin, is till nowhere to be found, bound for vengeance against Anotsu, but soon his troubles may become a bit more immediate, troubles that even an immortal may not survive! Collecting issues #58-#65 of the ongoing series.

Dark Horse will also be releasing two Blade of the Immortal t-shirts with the scarred immortal samurai Manji, his young client Rin, and Anatsu, the head of the rogue Itto-ryu sword school.

Other indivual issues include Kenichi Sonoda's (Gunsmith Cats) sci-fi, action Cannon God Exaxxion #7: Stage 1 Part 7 (Of 8), Oh My Goddess! Part XI #10: Mystery Child Part 8 (Of 8)

Oh My Goddess!: Wrong Number collects the "lost" stories that were skipped in the original run of the series, and later printed in the Super Manga Blast! anthology are included in this new, remastered first volume of the popular manga series, the first of three new volumes that restore the complete Oh My Goddess storyline and fill in early details of this of tale of college student Keiichi Morisato, who accidentally dials the Goddess Technical Helpline and is delivered the living, breathing, literal goddess Belldandy...and one wish. When he jokingly asks for Belldandy to stay with him forever, he gets his wish, and one hilarious headache after another as Keiichi and his Goddess-out-of-water adjust to the inevitable clash of the Spiritual Plane and the Material World. Also includes material from the previously published 1-555-Goddess.

The Super Manga Blast! #22 anthology features new enteries in Club 9, 3x3 Eyes, What's Michael, Shadow Star, and Seraphic Feature.

Studio Ironcat will be releasing Futaba-Kun Change! Volume 8 #4, and Vampire Yui Volume 4 #4.

Deadpool #67, and X-Men: Evolution #7 will feature art by the anime inspired Udon.

Iron Man #400 (55 in the current numbering) will feature a cover by manga artist Kia Asamiya.

Ben Dunn's monthly Marvel Mangaverse will continue in its second issue.


Individual issues include Cardcaptor Sakura #28, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz #3, Kodocha #5, Miracle Girls #20, Miracle Girls #21, Ragnarok #4, Real Bout High School #2, Saint Tail #19, and the shojo anthology Smile Volume 4 #6.


Angelic Layer volume 1 by CLAMP "In the distant future, the most popular sport in Japan is Angelic Layer. Contestants use fighting dolls that they hatch and raise from eggs, called "Angels," and battle them in an arena. 12-year-old Misaki has entered the tournament with her doll Hikaru, and together they plan to take the sport by storm!"

In GTO Volume 2 former gangster Onizuka is ready to put aside his punkish ways and join the working world as a teacher. All that stands between him and a regular paycheck and dozens of hot girls to flirt with is the big teaching exam. Oh, wait… he accidentally used his study book as toilet paper! Now, without credentials, the only place he can land a job is at the Holy Forest Academy where he only barely gets hired after humiliating the Vice Principal. He'll have to use his street smarts to deal with students and faculty alike if he's ever going to become a Great Teacher.

In Kare Kano Volume 1 by Masami Tsuda, straight A's, athlete, and overall "Ms. Popularity," Yukino, is the perfect student. Or at least that's how she appears to the outside world. But when the curtains are drawn, a lazy young egomaniac lurks who will do anything and everything to be the top student in her school. Yukino finds her resolve put to the test, as after years as the idol of her class, a threat emerges in the more perfect Soiichiro. A good-natured, studious, and athletic boy he is her equal in every way but one –– that behind the act is a genuine heart driven to succeed. Yukino is desperate to regain her status anyway she can, but through embarrassing flub-ups at every turn, Soiichiro remains untouched even as they find respect for one another, and maybe, after all the dust has cleared, something more.

In Kodocha Volume 1: Sana's Stage by Miho Obana; adapted by Sarah Dyer
What is Kodocha? It's the smash-hit comedy series from Japan about what happens when child star Sana Kurata tries to "fix" the problems of everyone around her. And there are a lot of problems to solve. Her classroom's been overrun by bullies, her teacher's being blackmailed, and the girl's live in terror, all because of the tyrannical rule of the demon child Akito Hayama. There's going to be a Rumble in the Jungle Gym when these two strong personalities collide! Printed in the original right-to- left format, readers can experience Kodocha in the way the author intended!

In Love Hina Volume 2 Keitaro Urashima's dream is to attend Tokyo University with his childhood sweetheart, a girl he hasn't seen in years. But when he fails the entrance exams, he's in danger of losing his chance for good. Meanwhile, his job as caretaker of a girls dorm filled with gorgeous ladies keeps him more than busy. Keitaro wants to hit the books, but first he's got to see if one of the girls really is his old crush! Working together, can the two finally make the grade, or will Keitaro be seduced by the temptations that surround him?

In Ragnarok Volume 1 by Myung-Jin Lee; adapted by Richard A. Knaak after 1000 years of peace, the Wolf God, Fenris Fenrir, has been reborn. She seeks to find the reincarnation of Balder, the Glorious God, as the land of Midgard begins to slide toward destruction. But even as she does, fate guides her and three others to one another, and their legendary meeting will set in motion Ragnarok –– the end of the world. Blocked by monstrous worms and demons, she, Chaos –– the warrior, Iris Irine –– the cleric, and Lidia –– the thief, while the accursed prosecutor, Skurai, and the Valkyrie, Sara Irine follow as well in the search for battle, glory, and power. English version written by New York Times bestselling author Richard A. Knaak, author of multiple Dragnonlance, Warcraft, and Diablo novels. Covers colored by Dark Minds creators Dream Wave Productions.

Other collections include Corrector Yui Volume 3 Pocket Mixx by Keiko Okamoto, the horror story Island Volume 4 Pocket Mixx, Peach Girl Volume 4, Skull Man Volume 2, Sorcerer Hunters Volume 10.


Special Editions

Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide #4
Pre-pubescent hacker extraordinaire Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (you can call her Ed for short), steals the show in the fourth volume of the Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guides. Covering the episodes "Black Dog Serenade," "Mushroom Samba," "Speak Like A Child," and "Wild Horses," this volume features everything from slapstick comedy to murder and blackmail. Added bonuses include a complete character guide to every player, big and small, from the entire Cowboy Bebop series so far, as well as a full color atlas to all Bebop locations.

Gundam Technical Manual: Stardust Memories
Three years after the One Year War, the remnants of the Principality of Zeon are regrouping to strike back against the Federation. One of the most epic Gundam stories ever told, Stardust Memories (also known as Gundam 0083) is full of epic space conflicts, naval battles, and aerial assaults featuring a slew of new mobile suits. But in the midst of the chaos, the war becomes a one-on-one battle between test pilot Kou Uraki and Zeon ace pilot Anevel Gato. Full-color design schematics for all Mobile Suits in Stardust Memories OVAs. Histories of the Federation, the Principality of Zeon, and the One Year War and the five years of conflict that followed. Biographies of all the key players in Stardust Memories. All-new paintings of Gundam units in action. Third volume in a continuing series covering the entire Gundam universe.

Cardcaptors Anime Book Volume 3 Tp
When Sakura Avalon opened the mysterious Clow Book in her dad's library and released the cards inside, she inadvertently signed on for the challenge of a lifetime. Join Sakura as she faces a relay race with her dad Aiden Avalon, a crazy day at the zoo, and more! It's not going to be easy, but with the Clow Book's magical guardian, Kero, and her best friend Madison by her side, Sakura just might stand a chance of becoming Cardcaptor!

The Art Of Cardcaptor Sakura #1
As seen Kids WB! Fans of Cardcaptor Sakura, rejoice! Tokyopop proudly presents the first of three art books from the top- selling girls' manga series! There are 120 pages of full-color artwork, most of which have never been seen in America before. Also included is an exclusive 15-page mini-comic, not available anywhere else, which no fan will want to be without! From the creators of Clover, Angelic Layer, Chobits, and Magic Knight Rayearth.


The Animerica Extra volume 5 #6 anthology features new enteries in Chicago, Fushigi Yugi, Marionette Generation, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Steam Detectives and Video Girl Ai. The Pulp volume 6 #6 anthology features new enteries in Bakune Young, Banana Fish,Cinderalla, Dance Till Tomorrow, Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, Short Cuts, and Uzamaki.

In Bastard!! #6 "Fighter" Part 1 (of 3)Across the land of Metallion news spreads of Dark Schneider's rebirth, reaching one of the leaders of the rebel armies, the dark elf wizard Arshes Nei! Once Dark Schneider's lover, she now longs to see him dead — and sends her deadliest assassin, the master of the Curse Spiders, to spill his blood."

In The All-New Tenchi Muyō! Part 1 #1 by Hitoshi Okuda "Tenchi Muyô is back, presenting more new adventures never seen on the Cartoon Network, from the artist of Viz's previous Tenchi comic No Need For Tenchi! In the green forests of Okayama Prefecture, Japan, lives Tenchi Misaki, a teenager who shares his house with a bevy of extraterrestrial houseguests, all of whom happen to be beautiful women. A mysterious stranger spies on the Tenchi household. Meet Tenchi, half-human descendant of an alien swordsman; Ayeka and Sasami, princesses of planet Jurai; Mihoshi, space cop; Washu, the mad scientist; and Ryoko, a space pirate turned good! Is it romance? Is it comedy? Who is the main character anyway? It's the same anime excitement you know and love!"

Other indivual issues include The Big O Part 1 #4, Ceres: Celestial Legend Part 2 #6, Dragonball Part 4 #10, Dragonball Z Part 5 #5, Inu-Yasha Part 6 #13, Pokémon Adventures Part 7 #2, Magical Pokémon Journey Part 7 #3,Medabots Part 1 #3, Medabots Part 1 #4, Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 7 #1 Ranma ½ Part 11 #3, Silent Möbius: Turnabout #5, Vagabond #7, Zoids Volume 4: Chaotic Century .


In Dragonball Volume 8, printed in the authentic right-to-left or "eastern," format, Dragonball introduces a young monkey-tailed boy named Goku (a wry update of the classic Chinese "Monkey King" legend), whose quiet life changes when he meets a girl named Bulma who is
on a quest to collect seven "Dragon Balls." If she gathers them all, an incredibly powerful dragon will appear and grant her one wish. But the precious orbs are scattered all over the world, and Bulma could use the help of a certain super-strong boy… After the setbacks Goku's dealt the Red Ribbon Army, Commander Red has hired Taopaipai, the world's deadliest assassin, to kill him! To beat this powerful opponent, Goku must travel to the top of the miles-high Karin Tower to meet the hermit master Karin and get his magic elixir that can increase strength tenfold! Even with the elixir, does Goku have the strength to beat Taopaipai?

El-Hazard Volume 1
"Good-natured high school student Makoto Mizuhara was liked by all — a fact that Jinnai, the arrogant and paranoid class president, could not abide. But that was before Makoto was whisked away by a strange woman into the even stranger world of El-Hazard — and Jinnai, Jinnai's sister Nanami, and their gym teacher Mr. Fujisawa have come along for the ride! Based on the anime from the studio that brought you No Need For Tenchi! While Makoto and co. befriend the Roshtarian Royal Family and the Three Priestesses of Muldoon, Jinnai allies with the seductive Diva, queen of the Bugrom hive-empire. The former Earthlings find themselves changed by their environment and develop strange powers. Soon the fate of the kingdom of Roshtaria, and all of El-Hazard, hangs in the balance as three factions vie for control of the strongest weapon in a magical world… the living weapon Ifurita."

Inu-Yasha Volume 11 Tp continues Rumiko Takahashi's latest series. "When Japanese high school student Kagome is transported back in time to the feudal era, she accidentally releases a legendary dog-like half-demon named Inu-Yasha from his imprisonment for stealing the magical "Jewel of Four Souls." Bound to Kagome by a powerful spell, Inu-Yasha is forced to help her reclaim the jewel, now shattered into countless shards, to prevent other demons from using its power for terrible evil! When a would-be water god with a stolen spear of enormous power threatens to destroy a village, Inu-Yasha and company must find the real water god before it is too late! Then, the group comes across a decimated village with no clues to who did it. With a swing of the Tetsusaiga and the crack of splintering wood the culprit is revealed—which turns out to be a shock for Sango!"

Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 6 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, in 2015, Earth faces a terrifying last judgment from mysterious giant "Angels." To combat the Angels, the secret organization NERV creates the Evangelions —massive humanoid robots that can only be piloted by a select few teenagers. Now, with technology on their side, NERV seeks to defy prophecy and battle the forces of heaven with the fate of mankind in the balance… but who are their true enemies? During a lull in fighting, Commander Ikari and Ritsuko prepare for the delivery of Unit-03 while Shinji tries to adjust to normal life. But Unit-03 harbors a terrible secret, one that may force Shinji to choose between friendship and duty. Also available in a special Collectors' Edition, which is printed in the original right-to-left Japanese format with Sadamoto's original sound effects!

Phoenix: A Tale Of The Future by Osamu Tezuka is a gripping science fiction parable about the pitfalls of technology that takes place in the far future and around the globe, this Tale of the Future is as relevant now as it was when it was first published in Japan in the late '60s. A testament to comics as an art form and as literature, Phoenix: A Tale of the Future is an essential component of any serious comics collection. After several nuclear wars, civilization has gone underground due to the toxic atmosphere. The five cities resemble huge shopping malls, and each city is ruled by an enormous computer. Meet Masato, who secretly owns a creature called a Moopee, an extraterrestrial capable of assuming any form and inducing hallucinations in those it contacts. He attempts to discover the secret of the Phoenix, while the world veers toward Armageddon. By the creator of Astro Boy and Adolf.
The 296 page volume retails for $22.95.

Uzumaki Volume 2 continues the outstanding horror series. A fiendish power — the power of the spiral — swirls about the sleepy, fogbound town of Kurôzu-cho. It haunts the streets, kills some of its inhabitants, drives others mad... and changes others in even more terrible ways. Now Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito (who lost both his parents to the spiral), must find a way to stop the malign spiral and its ghastly followers before their world is engulfed! Obsessed with Kirie, an awkward teenager gives her a jack-in-the-box before dying in a horrible accident. Slimy with sweat, and growing a shell on his back, a boy turns into a giant snail. The lighthouse of Kurôzu-cho beams a deadly glow over the sleeping houses. Mosquitoes spin in drowsy spiral, sucking the blood of pregnant women, and turning a hospital into a nightmare. And in the South China Sea, a hurricane is forming, moving toward Kurôzu-cho to snare it in the eye of the storm.

X/1999 VOLUME 7 by CLAMP
A tale of dark poetry and prophecy foretelling the end of the world and the fate of the lone young man who holds Earth's destiny in his hands — Kamui, heir of incredible psychic powers. Alone in the world, with no purpose except to protect his two dearest friends, Kamui finds himself sought by two opposing sets of occult forces: the Seven Seals, who protect the mystic symbols embodied in Tokyo, and the Seven Harbingers, who want to destroy the city — and the Earth. As alliances change, as his loved ones are threatened, Kamui must choose a side — or is his fate already preordained? Kamui's aunt Tokiko is torn apart giving birth to the sacred sword that is Kamui's birthright. The gory sight drives Kotori into madness, where she meets her dead mother in the Sea of Tears, and the prophet Kakyo who awakens her powers as a dreamseer. Then an earthquake shakes Tokyo, startling the Dragons of Heaven and Earth with the presence of one of their equals, the sorcerer Sakura- zuka!
mori, hated enemy of the medium Subaru (from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon). Who among all these people of power is the "other" Kamui… Kamui's Twin Star?

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