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posted on by Christopher Macdonald
As a part of their aquisition by Gamers / Broccoli, Omochabox is changing its name to Anime Gamers.

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Excerpted from a post to the OmochaBox Retail Store Mailing List by Ardith Santiago:

The OmochaBox newsletter for April will be availible in the store starting this week. Pick up the Rabi~en~Rose themed letter for the latest updates!

The big news is that OmochaBox is changing its name to Anime Gamers! But rest assured, Anime Gamers will only get better. Look out for new items and great sales.

Back in January we first reported that Digital Manga had been split and that Synch Point and Omocha Box would become a part of Broccoli. Originally some sort of official statement regarding the changes was expected in early February, but none was ever made.

Even the announcement that Omochabox will have its name changed to one that reflects it's Japanese owners (Gamers is one of the largest Anime Merchandise stores in Japan and the origin of Digi Charat, the popular anmated Mascot that has also been used for Omochabox), includes no direct mention of the restructuring or the company's new owners.

Other signs of the times can be seen over at Akadot which no longer lists Omochabox as a primary sponsor but instead advertizes for the soon to be "Akadot Retail - Pop Japan Mercantile." Digital Manga's website has also been re-made to remove any mention of Synch Point, Omochabox and Comictones.

The Omochabox website however still lists the following, "A Digital Manga, Inc. Project."

A new Domain name has been registered for the Anime Gamers website,, which currently redirects to the domain.

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