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Three new graphic novels are going to hit the market in September -- Slayers Special - Book 1, Frontier Line, and Immortal Angel - Book 3. Read the full press release here.

Excerpted from the CPM Press Release:

Slayers Special - Book One: Touch of Evil
(Graphic Novel)

LINA INVERSE the precocious and dangerous sorceress, has teamed up the barbaric and busty, NAGA THE WHITE SERPENT. Together, they fight demons, thieves and monsters all in the name of treasure and a good meal. Join Lina and Naga in their latest tale of tribulations and triumph through a medieval world of monsters, mayhem and monkey business.

Includes a BONUS interview with SLAYERS manga artist TOMMY OHTSUKA!!!

192 pages
Black and White
CPM Manga
For All Ages
ISBN: 1-58664-865-9
UPC: 7-19987-00639-3-00111
Catalog: CMX 63901G

Frontier Line
(Graphic Novel)

From the creator of Grey: Digital Target

Six tales of mecha war and redemption.

Civil war has broken out on the planet Sodom, and the only way to survive is by using the mechas left behind by a mysterious alien race. Can the two sides find common ground in their humanity or will they annihilate each other?

240 pages
Black and White
CPM Manga
ISBN: 1-56219-936-6
UPC: 7-19987-00618-8-00111
Catalog: CMX 61801G

and from Manga 18

Immoral Angel - Book Three: Suffering and Sacrifice
(graphic novel)

Nekozo seems to be invincible. His lemming powers have boosted his ego to the point that he feels neither remorse nor shame. His hideous lusts demand new fodder, this time in the supple form of Sayaka. He is a master of torture and decadence, and his victims are powerless to stop his despicable acts. But one may rise against him, a quiet woman who harbors an unspeakable wrath.

Another masterpiece of erotic manga by Koh Kawarajima!

176 pages
Black and White
Manga 18
Adults Only
ISBN: 1-58664-870-5
UPC: 7-19987-00622-5-00311
Catalog: CMX 62203G

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