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posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Street Legal, 385 Horsepower Speed Racer Mach 5 Replicas on Sale

Back in June 2000 we reported on a charity auction held on E-Bay, selling a prototype replica of the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. Soon after it was announced that 100 Speed Racer Replicas would be manufactured for sale.

Unlike the "Real Mach 5" prototype auctioned off in 2000, the replicas are in fact street legal (the prototype included retractable saw blades). Each replica is based on a corvette platform and costs between $72,500 and $125,000. A portion of the auction profits (20%) are donated to the Child Safety Network.

Speed Racer Autoworks, LLC has details about the 385 horsepower Mach 5 on their website at, or if you just want to get right to ordering one, the order form is at The website also has some pictures of the prototype for their next car, the Racer X.

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