Speed Racer (TV)

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©1966 Speed Racer Enterprises, Inc.

Alternative title:
Corredor de Velocidad (Spanish)
Cпиди Гонщик (Russian)
Mach Go Go Go (Japanese)
Meteoro (Spanish)
Super Bolide (French)
Superauto Mach 5 (Italian)
マッハ GoGoGo (Japanese)
달려라 번개호 (Korean)
Themes: racing, sports
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: A teenage race car driver named Speed goes on adventures with his girlfriend, his candy-crazed brother whose best friend is a monkey, and his mysterious brother Racer X (Real Name: Rex). His father, Pops, created the car he races in, the Mach 5.
User Ratings: 526 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 15 votes (dub:11, sub:2, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Excellent: 36 votes (dub:25, sub:7, edit.dub:1, ?:1, others:2
2 Spanish dubbed
 Very good: 46 votes (dub:32, edit.dub:6, sub:6, ?:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Good: 135 votes (dub:91, sub:23, edit.dub:12, ?:3, raw:1, others:5
3 Spanish dubbed
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Decent: 93 votes (dub:61, sub:15, edit.dub:8, ?:1, raw:1, others:7
3 Portuguese dubbed
3 Spanish dubbed
1 Indonesian dubbed
 So-so: 71 votes (dub:45, sub:12, edit.dub:10, ?:2, raw:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Not really good: 59 votes (dub:39, sub:8, edit.dub:7, others:5
2 Portuguese dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 Polish edited dub
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 39 votes (dub:23, sub:10, edit.dub:3, others:3
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
 Bad: 12 votes (dub:5, sub:2, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:3
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Awful: 10 votes (dub:7, sub:2, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Worst ever: 10 votes (dub:7, sub:2, ?:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 1922 users, rank: #603 (of 8114)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 5.869 (Decent), std. dev.: 2.1065, rank: #6305 (of 8194)
Weighted mean: 5.892 (Decent), rank: #6300 (of 8194) (seen all: 6.76 / seen some: 5.81 / won't finish: 4.50)
Bayesian estimate: 5.928 (Decent), rank: #5487 (of 6195)
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 52
Episode titles: We have 52
1967-04-02 to 1968-03-31
1979 (Televisa Canal 5 - Mexico)
1984 (Colombia - Cadena 2)
Release dates: We have 1
Opening Theme:
"Mach Go Go Go" by Vocal Shop
"Superauto mach 5 go! go! go!" by I Cavalieri del Re [Italian version]
Ending Theme:
"Tama ni Nodoka ni" (たまにゃのどかに) by Vocal Shop
"Tama Nya Nodoka Ni" by ???
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Blu-Ray (Region A)
    Speed Racer - The Complete Series (Dub.Blu-Ray) 2017-05-30
DVD (Region 1)
    Speed Racer - Limited Edition (DVD 1) 2003-04-22
    Speed Racer - Limited Edition DVD 2 (DVD 2) 2004-05-18
    Speed Racer - [Limited Collector's Edition] (DVD 3) 2005-05-24
    Speed Racer (DVD 4) 2007-02-06
    Speed Racer - The Complete Classic Collection (Dub.DVD) 2008-10-07
    Speed Racer - The Complete Series (Dub.DVD) 2017-05-30
    Speed Racer - Limited Edition (Dub.DVD 5) 2006-10-31

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director: Hiroshi Sasagawa
Director: Tatsuo Yoshida
Jinzo Toriumi (chief; 41 episodes
eps 1-6, 9, 11, 13-15, 22-24, 26-52

Minoru Kume (eps 7-8, 18-19)
Tadashi Hirose (14 episodes
eps 3-6, 10-13, 18-19, 26-27, 38-39

Takashi Kusagawa (eps 25, 35-36)
Taketo Tsukui (eps 7-8, 16-17)
Yoshikazu Hira (eps 20-21)
Original creator: Tatsuo Yoshida
Art Director: Mitsuki Nakamura
Animation Director: Masami Suda
Producer: Tatsuo Yoshida

Chief animator: Masami Suda
Opening Animation: Noriyuki Kubo
Planning: Jinzo Toriumi
Recording Director: Minoru Kimura
Sound Effects:
Kenji Mori
Yoshinobu Ono
Theme Song Performance: Vocal Shop (OP)
Katsuji Mori as Go Mifune (as Setsuya Tanaka)

Hiroshi Ohtake as Sanpei
Junko Hori as Kurio Mifune
Kei Tomiyama as Sabu
Kinya Aikawa as Masked Racer / Kenichi Mifune
Michiko Nomura as
Michi Shimura (eps 5-52)
Mitchi Shimura
Ryoko Kinomiya as Aya Mifune
Teiji Oomiya as Daisuke Mifune
Yoshiko Matsuo as Michi Shimura (eps 1-4)

Kenji Utsumi as Detective Rokugo
Kiyoshi Kobayashi as Mr. Black (eps 1-2)

Japanese companies
Animation: Tama Production
DVD Distribution: Geneon Entertainment, Inc.
Production: Tatsunoko Production
English cast
English staff
Theme Song Lyrics: Peter Fernandez (English version)
Voice Direction: Peter Fernandez
Peter Fernandez as Speed Racer

Corinne Orr as
Spridle Racer
Jack Curtis as Pops Racer
Jack Grimes as
Chim Chim
Peter Fernandez as Racer X

Corinne Orr as
Airline Announcer (ep 30)
Airline Intercom (ep 43)
Arabian Girl (ep 51)
Assassin Dancer (ep 43)
Big Lady in Hotel (ep 27)
Boy in Mach Five (ep 33)
Calcia/Cleopatra (eps 28-29)
Cana (ep 44)
Delicia (ep 31)
Delicia's Grandmother (ep 31)
Eloisa Hazard (ep 42)
Fat Lady (ep 14)
Female Reporter (ep 3)
Fruit Vendor (ep 12)
Girl #1 (ep 9)
Girl #2 (ep 9)
Girl Driver (ep 48)
Gizmo Zoomer (ep 45)
Hong Kong Agent (ep 50)
Janine Trotter (ep 26)
Lady in Crowd (ep 24)
Lana (ep 6)
Laughing Children (ep 25)
Laughing Women (ep 25)
Lilly Marker (eps 12-13)
Little Boy (ep 17)
Little Boy #1 (ep 48)
Little Boy #2 (ep 48)
Little Boy #4 (ep 48)
Little Girl (ep 11)
Lollie (ep 48)
Lorena Nightcall (ep 22)
Lovelace Goldminter (eps 51-52)
Maria (ep 34)
Mattzi Hari (ep 38)
Miss X (ep 43)
Mom Racer
Mother (ep 47)
Mrs. Zoomer (ep 45)
Old Lady (ep 26)
Oriana Flux (eps 20-21)
Prince Jam (eps 24-25)
Princess Pedal (ep 43)
Screaming Pedestrian (ep 26)
Screaming Village Girl (ep 34)
Secretary (ep 38)
Silvana (eps 16-17)
Slim (ep 48)
Stewardess (eps 14, 16)
Stunt Car Hostess (ep 9)
Susie (eps 5-6)
Twinkle Banks (eps 18-19)
Woman (ep 41)
Yvonne Von Vondervon (ep 48)
Jack Curtis as
African Chief
Airline Mechanic #1
Airline Pilot
Arabian Co-Driver (ep 52)
Assassin #1
Bazooka Man (ep 48)
Blaggard's Driver
Blaggard's Henchman
Boat Captain
Captain Terror (eps 9, 11, 50)
Checkpoint Attendant
Chief Inspector
Chief of Interpol
Chief Zuma
City Driver (ep 4)
Convoy Driver
Convoy Gunman #1
Cornpone Brotch
Crane Operator
Diplomat #2
Dr. J. D. Crepit
Dr. McFife
Driver #12
Driver #3
Driver #9
Driver in Car #0 (ep 2)
Driver in Red Car
Driver in Yellow
Fireball Rust
Flathill Soldier #1
Gadge Zoomer
General Ali Cannot
General Smasher
Greed Scrounge (ep 51 & 52)
Gunman #1 in Jungle
Gunman in Black
Henchman with Crow
High Octane
Hitman in Mircofilm Room
Inspector Detector
Interpol Agent
Jim Pearltone (ep 51 & 52)
Kim Jugger
Laughing Officers
Laughing Townsman
Lawson Lamster
League Member #3
Mammoth Car Crewman
Man #1
Man #2
Man in Crowd
Man in Restaurant
Mark Meglaton
Master of Ceremony
Medium Thug
Missile Captain
Monster Sub Pilot
Motorcyclist #2 (ep 1)
Mr. Black
Mr. Bullion (ep 49)
Mr. Cumulus
Mr. Fastbucks
Mr. Forcer
Mr. Freeload
Mr. Gaff Gunsel
Mr. Rock Force
Mr. Skyhigh
Mr. Supremo (ep 50)
Mr. Trotter (ep 26)
Mr. Tycootis
Mr. Wiley (eps 3-4)
Ninja #2
Ocean Guard #2
President Crackbrow
President Montebank
President of Vavoom
Prince Suragin
Professor Tower
Race Driver
Race Track Announcer
Racing Car Inspector #2
Racing Car Inspector #4
Radio Announcer (ep 3)
Restaurant Cook
Rogue Driver #3
Royal Officer
Royal Officer #2
Rudolph Elegantor
Rusty Muffle
Serenading Thug #1
Skull Duggery (eps 1-2)
Snake Charmer
Splint Femur
Stunt Car Announcer
Stunt Car Crewman
Submarine Captain
Sure-Shot Slugum
Tank Driver
Team Captain (ep 1)
Team Driver 3 (ep 1)
Team Mechanic #2 (ep 1)
Teenager #1
Three Roses Club Driver #9
Thug in Phone Booth
Train Announcer
TV Announcer (ep 3)
TV Reporter
Wiley's Henchman #1 (ep 4)
Yoga Man
Jack Grimes as
Ace Duecey (eps 1-2)
Acrobatic Team Driver A
Agent (ep 50)
Agent No. 8
Airline Inspector
Airline Mechanic #2
Alpha Team Driver #3
Apache #1
Apache #3
Arabian Racer
Assassin #1
Assassin #2
Assassin #4
Assassin in Black
Assistant Inspector
Blaggard's Henchman
Block's Assistant
Board Member
Boat Captain
Boy in Mach Five
Boy Racers
Car Driver 2-0423
Curly Cranem
Defense Official #2
Desert Race Announcer
Diplomat #3
Dr. Crepit's Son
Dr. Digger O. Bone
Dr. Fantasty
Driver #12
Driver #6
Driver #7
Driver 005
Driver 14
Driver in Blue
Driver in Car #0
Driver in Little Car
Flash Marker Jr.
Flathill Soldier #2
Freeload's Assistant #1
Freeload's Assistant #2
Game Host
Gas Station Attendant
General Abdul Noble
Guard #1
Guard #2
Guard #3
Guard #6
Guard #7
Gunman #2 in Jungle
Gunman #3 in Jungle
Gunman in Black
Gunman in Blue Car
Guts Wheeler
Hap Hazard
Helicopter Pilot
Henchman #1
Henchman #2
Henchman #4
Hitman in Red
Hitman with Rifle
Hotel Clerk
Hotel Manager
House Speaker
Injured Racer
Irate Driver #2
Jeep Gunner
King of Saccharin
Laser Tank Driver
Laughing Officers
Laughing Townsman
League Member #2
Little Boy #3
Little Thug
Mammoth Car Crewman
Mammoth Car Driver
Man in Garage
Man on Plane
Missile Controller
Motorcycle Officer
Motorcyclist #1
Mr. Banks
Mr. Dante Ferno
Mr. Fixer
Mr. Green
Mr. Klepto Jr.
Mr. Magneto
Mr. President
Mr. Spindle
Mr. Stencher
Mr. Twert
Native Henchman
Ninja #1
Ocean Guard #1
Old Man
Older Man
Phony Library Clerk
Pit Crewman #1
Pit Crewman #2
Pit Man #2
Police Officer #1
Police Officer #2
Professor Anarchy
Professor Robert Carnivory
Race Driver
Race Driver at Hotel
Race Driver H
Race Driver P
Race Official
Racing Car Inspector #1
Racing Official
Reporter #1
Reporter #4
Restaurant Cook
Restaurant Owner
Rogue Driver #1
Royal Officer #1
Rusty Muffle
Security Guard
Security Guard #1
Serenading Thug #2
Slim's Assistant
Slipshod Motors CEO
Snake Oiler (eps 9-11)
Soldier #1
Soldier #3
Submarine Officer
Sunny Downs Pit Man
Team Driver 7 (ep 1)
Team Mechanic #1
Teenager #3
Temple Priest
Test Applicant
Three Roses Club Driver #8
Train Engineer
Vavoom Crewman
Vice-President Duper
Wiley's Henchman #2
Wiley's Henchman #3
X-3 Robot
Zoomer Slick (eps 3-4)
Peter Fernandez as
Agent 12
Airline Mechanic
Airport Clerk
Ali Ben Schemer
Alpha Team Driver #1
Alpha Team Driver #2
Apache #2
Apache Spy
Assassin #2
Assassin #3
Assassin Fighter
Baron Von Vondervon
Big Henchman
Big Thug
Boy Co-Driver
Boy in Mach Five
Boy Racer
Car Owner
Cave Henchman
Cell Hitman #2
Convoy Driver
Convoy Gunman #2
Cruncher Block
Defense Official #1
Defense Official #3
Defense Official #5
Diplomat #1
Diplomat #3
Dr. Nightcall
Driver #11
Driver 002
Driver 003
Driver in Car #0
Fake Pilot
Fat Team Owner
Flathill Soldier #3
Francisco Fransco
Guard #1
Guard #4
Gunman #1
Gunman in Black
Helicopter Co-Pilot
Henchman #1
Henchman #2
Henchman #4
Henchman #5
Hitman #1
Inspector Anton Dubious
Irate Driver #1
Jack Rival
Kabala (eps 16-17)
Laughing Townsman
League Member #1
League Member #4
Loomis Towcar
Mammoth Car Co-Driver
Mammoth Car Crewman
Mechanic #2
Montebank's Aide
Montebank's Guest
Motorcyclist #3 (ep 1)
Mr. Blagget
Mr. Herring
Mr. Karat Goldminter
Mr. Van Ruffle (ep 1)
Ninja #3
Omar Offendum
Passenger #1
Passenger #2
Passenger #3
Pedestrian #2
Pit Man
Police Officer #3
Prince Omar
Professor Loon
Race Driver
Racing Car Inspector #3
Racing Car Inspector #5
Racing Official
Reporter #2
Rogue Driver #2
Royal Officer #3
Security Guard
Security Guard #2
Taxi Driver
Team Mechanic #3
Teenager #2
The Devil (Trixie's Nightmare; ep 11)
Three Roses Club Driver #7
Tongue Blaggard
Truck Driver
Vavoom Executive
Vavoom Messenger
Wrestler Owner
English companies
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Free-To-Air TV)
Cartoon Network
Movielink (Broadband)
MTV (1993)
Speed Channel
YTV (Canada)
Alan Enterprises (1969- 1986)
Broadway Video (1989- 1991)
Color Systems Technology (1986- 1989)
Trans-Lux Television Corporation (1967- 1969)
Internet Streaming:
4Kids TV
AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)
Crunchyroll (expired)
Tubi TV (USA - Hulu)
French staff
French cast
Marc Belier as Speed Racer

Flora Balzano as Spritler
French companies
TVA (Canada)
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
ADR Production: Candiani Studios (Mexican New Dub)
Antena 3 (Spain)
Boomerang (Latin America)
Boomerang Latin America
Cadena 2 (Colombia)
Cadena Tres (Mexico New Dub)
Canal A (Colombia)
Canal Panda (Spain)
Cartoon Network L.A.
CineClick Channel (Latin America)
Inravision (Colombia)
Panamericana Television
Telemadrid (Spain)
Televisa Canal 5
TVE (Spain)
Univision (USA)
Distributor: Plus Video (Argentina)
Candiani Taxqueña (Mexican New Dub)
CINSA (Original Mexican Dub)
Licensed by:
Comics Conosur (Argentina; 2007)
Luk Internacional (Spain)
Silmax (Argentina; expired)
Spanish cast
Arturo Mercado as Meteoro Corredor
Carlo Vázquez as Meteoro Corredor (Mexico new dub)

Armando Gutiérrez as Pops Corredor
Azucena Rodriguez as Trixie
Hugo Nuñez as Chito (Mexico new dub)
Karla Vega as Chispita (Mexico new dub)
Miguel Angel Sanromán as El Corredor Enmascarado/Rex Mifune
Pedro D'aguillon Jr. as Pops Corredor (Mexico new dub)
Rocio Garcel as Chispita

Edgar Wald as Bujía
Gloria Rocha as Mamá de Meteoro
Pedro Aníbal Mansilla as Narración
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Giovanni Brusatori

Theme Song Lyrics: Riccardo Zara
Theme Song Performance: Cavalieri del Re
Maurizio Reti as Speed Racer

Bruno Cattaneo as Pops Racer
Emanuela Fallini as Trissi
Gabriele Carrara as Racer X
Goffredo Matassi as Parky
Graziella Polesinanti as Gabriella
Nino Scardina as Isp. Detector
Italian companies
Broadcaster: TeleReporter (from 1982)
Dubbing: Play World Film
German staff
German companies
ARD (1968 cancelled after 3 ep)
RTL (from October 1993)
German cast
Niko Macoulis as Speed Racer
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director:
Peterson Adriano (new dub)
Rodney Gomes (new dub)
Translation: Ednaldo Esteves (new dub)
Cleonir dos Santos as Speed Racer (old dub)
Peterson Adriano as Speed Racer (new dub)
Wendel Bezerra as Speed Racer (DVD dubbing Studio Gabia)

André Filho as Rex Racer/Corredor X (old dub)
Cordélia Santos as Trixie (1st voice-old dub)
Garcia Júnior as Corredor X (new dub)
Iara Riça as Trixie (new dub)
Luis Motta as Pops Racer (new dub)
Manolo Rey as Sparky (new dub)
Marisa Leal as Gorducho (new dub)
Milton Luís as Inspetor Detetive (old dub-2nd voice)
Nair Amorim as Gorducho (old dub)
Nelly Valverde as Trixie (old dub)
Orlando Drummond as Pops Racer (old dub-2nd voice)
Paulo Pereira as Pops Racer (old dub-1st voice)

Allan Lima as Narração (old dub)
André Filho as Capitão Terror (new dubbing-ep.9,11,50)
Bruno Netto as Sparky (old dub)
Lauro Fabiano as Narração (old dub)
Leonardo José as Narração (new dub)
Maria da Penha as Mãe do Speed (new dub)
Mauro Ramos as Inspetor (new dub)
Orlando Drummond as Narração (old dub)
Paulo Gonçalves as Inspetor Detetive (old dub-1st voice)
Terezinha Moreira as Sra. Racer-Mãe do Speed (old dub)
Waldir Santana as Narração (old dub)

Alfredo Martins (new dubbing)
Amaury Gutemberg (old dub)
André Belizar (new dubbing)
Carmem Sheila (old dub)
Ettore Zuim (new dubbing)
Gualter França (old dub)
Gutemberg Barros (new dub)
Ionei Silva (new dubbing)
Jorge Vasconcello (new dubbing)
Jorge Vasconcellos (as Jorge Vasconcelos)
José Luiz (new dubbing)
Luís Manuel (old dub & new dub)
Luis Motta (old dub)
Magalhães Graça (old dub)
Marcelo Torreão (new dub)
Mário Monjardim (old dub)
Nilton Valério (new dubbing)
Orlando Prado (old dub)
Paulo Pinheiro (old dub)
Ruth Schelske (old dub)
Selma Lopes (old dub)
Portuguese companies
Boomerang Brasil (Brazil: new dub)
Cartoon Network Brasil (Brazil: new dub)
MTV Brasil (Brazil: new dub)
Rede Brasil (new dub)
Rede Globo (Brazil: old dub)
Rede Record (Brazil: old and new dub)
TV Brasília (Brazil: new dub)
TV Tupi (Brazil: old dub)
Dubbing Studio:
Riosom (1st. dubbing-TV)
SC São Paulo (2nd. dubbing-VHS only)
Sincrovídeo (new dub)
Studio Gabia (4th. dubbing-new dub DVD-eps 7-8,26)

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