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What are the chances of getting a uncut and properly translated Mach Go! Go! Go! in the states?

Probably nil. It's old, the fan base is small, and there's a lot of it. "Speed Racer: The Movie" was recently released on DVD; you could always suffer through that.

Hi Answerman,

I was wondering if Urban Vision was going to release a subtitled version of Vampire Hunter D 2000: Bloodlust on VHS. The 80s version of vampire hunter D was good .......... the 2000 version has caught my attention and i look forward to seeing someday.


There is no true 'subtitled' version of the new Vampire Hunter D movie. It was produced for English-speaking audiences and hence the film's original language is English. You're welcome to watch the Japanese dub with English subtitles, though.

Funimation's Dragonball Z dvds are pretty much everything a fan of the show in its original Japanese could hope for, but collecting 293 episodes worth of discs is going cost a fortune and good deal of time. Does Funi have any plans for giving us fans a break and releasing their DVDs in boxed sets? I tried asking them directly, but i can't get a response.
Thanks for the help,
--Joe Legault

FUNimation has done a few fan-centric things recently. They haven't announced any Dragonball boxed sets (Again with boxed sets... what is the fanboy obsession with boxed sets? They could sell old socks in boxed sets, and the fans would buy them...) yet, but nothing's impossible. FUNimation knows that there is a hardcore population of Dragonball fans; eventually they may even cater directly to their whims.

Dear Answerman
Here in the US certain or all rpg fans had the privalege to play Star Ocean the Second Story a sleeper hit, i've heard they produced their own anime series for it. Which looks good...the question is who is it licensed by in japan and will it reach america ??

The Star Ocean anime hasn't been licensed yet but fansubs are available now all over the web. I imagine ADV will eventually license the show, since it's a video game property and they seem to snap those up as soon as they come out.

God knows the American Digimon dub sucks completely and utterly. Is there ANY place I can find the original Japanese Digimon subbed in English?

Nope. As far as I know, there are a few fansub projects happening now, but there won't be any official subtitled release of Digimon; I can say that with utter certainty.

My name is Edward Lounds and I lived in Japan from 1985-1991. In this time I watched a lot of Japanese TV and I watched animes like dragon ball and dragon ball z. There was one that I LOVED. All I can remember, being that I was in elementary school, was that it had warriors who battled wearing armor which represented a constellation. The main hero, when I saw the show, had armor from the pegasus constellation. I really would like to find information on this anime. Any info would help. Thanks


You're talking about Saint Seiya. It actually has a rather large following in the states; check out "Saint Seiya" on and you should find what you're looking for.

Hello my name is ZZ and I have a question that I just cannot answer!
When I was in Japan not but three months ago I was in LOVE with the show Yugiou and I heard it is coming here on KidsWB but the things is that I don't know when and worse my college dorm doesn't seem to get KidsWB. I go to school in Springfield Ohio and I desperately want to know when Yugiou is coming on and what channel KidsWB might be. I know this is probably asking a lot but if you could help it would mean the world to me!!
*sparkly eyes* Please, please help me if you can!


Check your local listings for a WB Network affiliate. They'll be playing KidsWB, unless the local channel somehow opted out of the KidsWB programming package and just took the primetime programming.

Hello AnswerMan,

I have 2 questions, I just recently bought the last dvd of "generator Gawl" and i was just wondering, are they going to release that last tape/dvd of Generator Gawl, and is it true that there is going to be more Fushigi Yuugi, and if so what r they going 2 be about if u know? Well thanks!
-Akari chan-

ADV is indeed releasing the last DVD of Generator Gawl. There will be more Fushigi Yuugi; it's based on the Fushigi Yuugi "Gaiden" novels, which follow the exploits of the Fushigi Yuugi cast before Miaka showed up.

And now, this week's "pointless question":

Is it really 48 minutes long or is that a typo? A movie site said its 80 minutes long. Thank you for your time.

He didn't even mention what he was talking about in the subject header, folks. I really do get emails like this. I mean, yeah, he's talking about Blood, but come on.. (and, yes, Blood is about 48 minutes long.)

See y'all on Tuesday.

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