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Vince Vaughn convinces Warner Bros to Green Light Speed Racer

After a decade of false starts, Warner Bros. seems to be ready to give the Green Light to a live action adaptation of Speed Racer. Actor Vince Vaughn convinced WB to give the project another chance after pitching them a new idea for the franchise. Vaughn's Speed Racer would focus more on character and plot development than fast paced racing scenes that are much more expensive to produce.

In addition to serving as executive director, Vaugh would also take the part of Racer X, Speed's long lost, mysterious older brother. Vaughn told Variety that he had "been a fan of the show since I was a kid and I always liked the theme of the protective older brother who can't reveal his identity," suggesting that the movie's script would revolve around the relationship between Speed Racer and Racer X.

WB's live action adaptation of Speed Racer has been canned by the studio several times in the past. It had previously been attached to directors Gus Van Sant, Hype Williams, Alfonso Cuaron and Julien Temple. Temple even had Johnny Depp ready to star in the movie, but the project was cancelled because the racing-centric movie's budget was too high.

The new movie's script has not yet been written (no script writer has been hired) and the cast has not yet been selected (excepting Vaughn).

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