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Ms. Answerman: The Forgotten Title

by Rebecca Bundy,

Dear AnswerPerson,
I have a question about Inuyasha that I've been thinking about. We all know that Inuyasha's rosery is what makes him sit and keep Kogome in control of him, but does the rosery have that power in his human form? The necklace was made to control a demon so you would think in his human form it wouldn't work right?

This is something that I don't believe is brought up in the anime (though it may be in the manga), but it seemed like an interesting enough question to comment on. The rosary was originally made by Kikyo as a gift to Inuyasha, but it's uncertain whether or not it was meant to be used to bind Inuyasha in the way Kaeda did. The beads are intended to keep Inuyasha's temper in check, something that's heavily based on his demon side. Since he's generally calmer as a human, they've never been used on him while in human form.
I'm going to guess that the spell is either tied to Inuyasha himself and not anything specifically in his blood or it's tied to his blood in such a way so that it continues to work during Inuyasha's ‘time of the month’. Kagome could probably tell him to ‘sit’ in human form and still get the same results.

I have two questions for the knowledgable Ms. Answerman:
1) I've recently stumbled upon an on-line scanilation of the Kingdom Hearts manga. It's been out over a year and are there any plans on it being released here in the states?
2) I know taking a gamble in older anime series is a risky business, but one of my favorite old-time anime series I used to watch as a child was Unico. With Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Lupin and a lot of other classic older anime being released, is there any chance Unico could see
a re-release in the future?
Thanks for your time!

1) Currently there have been no announcements regarding the Kingdom Hearts manga being translated, but with Kingdom Hearts 2 coming out in September, there's a good chance that it'll be translated.
As for whether or not you should download it, scanlations are basically the manga version of fansubs. With manga, however, people cannot complain about ‘how expensive it is’ because a single volume will generally run you $7 if you buy it from a store in the US. If you plan on downloading it, I would suggest that you buy the manga as well (plus you can show off your Japanese manga to all your friends who can't pretend that they know Japanese).
2) A snowball has a better chance in hell than Unico does to see a re-release. Tezuka Osamu Productions still has the rights to this movie and since they don't have an American branch, gaining the rights to the title would be very difficult.

hi there! i just finished watching all 26 episodes of Fruits Basket... i just love it! however, i wasn't quite satisfied with the way the story ended. i mean, is that it?.. or is there gonna be another installment of Fruits Basket? well, i hope so... and im sure that there's a whole bunch of people out there wishing for the same thing.Ü
btw, great site you guys. keep up the good work!

First off, I encourage all of my readers to use the ‘shift’ button whenever they start a new sentence. ‘Shift’ is also useful when referring to yourself with the letter ‘I’.
There are no plans to make a second series, OVA, or movie for Fruits Basket. There is hope for all of the furuba fans out there, however, since the manga (which is currently being released by Tokyopop) does continue with the storyline where the anime leaves off.
Fruits Basket has also been added to my “for the love of god, there is no second season/OVA/movie planned for this series” list right under Berserk and Hellsing.

Answerman my question to you is with the Tenjou Tenge OAV coming out in March do you think that the series will continue? I personally was very into it and I jsu hated the series and although they are making an OAV I know that an OAV is not enough to cover the whole story.
Why is ti that sometimes animes end so badly do the creators not know this is a horrible way to end a series. Like Berserk and Inuyasha. In general is their anything that we as consumers can do to get these series back up and going?

I felt that this was an appropriate follow-up to the previous question. What many American fans don't realize is that the Japanese are generally okay with open-ended endings since A) they understand that production costs get in the way of continuing production and B) the manga generally explains and finishes up what the anime could not. Didn't like the way Berserk ended? Head over to the local book store and pick up the 27 volumes to read everything there is to know about the series. Want the Kingdom Hearts manga after playing the game? It's there too.
In America, however, we don't have access to the manga because the large majority of us do not speak Japanese (or enough to get everything we could out of a volume). As American consumers, we have very little power when it comes to which series stay or go because anime is almost always based solely on the Japanese market and what their consumers want. Know, though, that for series such as Berserk, Inuyasha, and the countless others out there, you will get to see what happens after the end of the anime (though it's up to the mangka on whether or not you get an ending, since some series simply stop if the mangaka becomes burned out).

Dear Ms. Answerman,
I've seen both the subtitled and dubbed versions of Lupin III:
Castle of Cogliostro, and I seen to recall that in one of these versions, Jigan kept refering to Lupin as "Wolf", or something to that extent. I would dismiss this as a cultural referance, however, I just finished re-reading Harry Potter IV and V. In these books, one of Harry's professors, Remus Lupin, is a warewulf. Is there some sort of connection between wolves and the name Lupin, or is this just and odd coinsidence.
Thanks for your time.

Lupine is an adjective used to describe anything with wolf-like characteristics. It comes from the words lupus and lupin, both of which are still used today when referring to lupine due to the popularity of werewolves. This is where Lupin got his nickname from and what caused countless Harry Potter fans roll their eyes at the obvious relation between Remus's name and race. Remus, by the way, comes from Roman mythology and is the twin brother of Romulus (Star Trek anyone?), founder of Rome. These brothers were nursed by a mother wolf. The name "Wolf" doesn't appear in tha Japanese script for Castle of Cagliostro, it was added by Streamline when they dubbed it into English. It may have been caused by the same copyright issues that caused AnimEigo to call Lupin "Rupan." Lupin III is the grandson of Arsene Lupin, a character created by Maurice Leblanc, and the estate of Mr. Leblac claimed several times that Lupin III was a copyright violation. It doesn't matter that Leblanc inserted Sherlock Holmes into his novels without Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's permission.

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