Suzuki Talks about Red Tint

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Excerpts from Interview.

The November issue of HiVi Magazine, a Japanese Home Entertainment magazine, includes an interview with Toshio Suzuki regarding the red tint on the Spirited Away DVD.

Excertps of some of his comments can be read below:

  • Miyazaki said he would like to have Chihiro's heart expressed with subtle tone.
  • When producing the film, we added suble red tint to the film, especially in the beginning scenes.
  • When we converted the digital master for the digital theater into NTSC format, we found that it contained a blue tint.
  • Therefore, we adjusted the tone again in NTSC format (It was the first time that we did it after the adjustments done to the digital master) .
  • We did not do it for the trailer contained on the DVD because we didn't have enough time.
  • This is just the tone we aimed at.
  • When claims [of the improper Red Tint] first started, we checked out all the processes of the DVD production, and were convinced that there were no errors.
  • The DVD is made for the 9300K [color warmth] TV set, and many of the TV sets made for Japanese consumers use the 9300K system.
  • The US version is not available yet, but it will be made for 6500K TV sets .
  • Some of the TV sets in Japan are not 9300K. That's why some buyers found that the DVD's image looked a bit red on their sets.
  • Miyazaki has no involvement with this issue because he was no involved with the production of the DVD version, nor did examined it.
  • I (Suzuki) gave the final 'OK' to the completed DVD version.

For legal reasons, Anime News Network can not post a complete translation of this article, however if you are inclined, you can attempt to make sense of the babel translation here.

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