The Anime Network Possibly Coming to Satellite

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Talking to satellite companies

Following a a post on Toonami Info Link we contacted ADV to check up on the details of their immediate future on Satellite TV.

The result is a bit more in keeping with what we would have expected than the over-optimistic (but factually acurate) post.

ADV confirmed for us that they are indeed talking to numerous cable and satellite companies around America, but our rep didn't know of any firm deals with satellite companies at this time.

In short, ADV is actively working to make The Anime Network available nation wide, but don't expect to find it on your cable or satellite subscription plan just yet.

As always, any fans hoping to get a particular channel available in their area can tip the scales in their favor by contacting their cable or satellite provider.

Thanks to frequent contributor Finch for this item.

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