Kenshin Kyoto Arc Scheduled for CN

posted on 2003-05-10 10:45 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
Kyoto Arc starts in June.

After re-airing the Oniwaban Group story arc (episodes 8 through 11) from May 27th to the 30th. Cartoon Network will begin airing the Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Arc on Monday June 9th, starting with the first episode, "The Strongest Opponent From the Past: Merciless Fangs Strike."

A complete change of pace from the earlier parts of the show, the Kyoto Arc is significantly more violent and considered by many fans to be the best part of Kenshin. As the Kyoto Arc is more violent than the rest of the series, heavier editing should be expected.

In the Kyoto Arc, Kenshin returns to Kyoto and faces a former member of the Shinsengumi and his own bloody history. The popularity of the Kyoto Arc is often seen as the inspiration and reasoning behind the production of the Kenshin OVAs.

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