Animerica Extra Flip Flops

posted on by Garry Berryhill
Keeping with current publishing trends, Viz has decided to change the format of its monthly manga anthology Animerica Extra.

Right-to-left reading titles have taken over the manga market, and Viz has not let this fact pass them by. Starting with the September issue, fully half the titles in the anthology's lineup will be printed with their art unflopped. The magazine will now sport two "front" covers. Banana Fish, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Short Program 2 and Fushigi Yugi will read right to left. Video Girl Ai and Steam Detectives will remain flopped.

Maison Ikkoku, Banana Fish, Utena and Fushigi Yugi collections will see release in paperbacks reading right to left, all retailing for $9.95.

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