Raijin goes Monthly

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As some people have noticed, Diamond has only solicited one copy of Raijin for September, here's the official press release.

Gutsoon! Entertainment announced today that as of September 2003 Raijin Comics will be distributed as a monthly anthology. The monthly magazine will only be slightely larger than the current weekly version. It will include roughly the same contents as the weekly version and some additional editorial content, it will not be four weeklies combined.

According to Gutsoon! the move is based on a reader survey that showed most readers essentially found it hard to keep up with a weekly magazine.

Excerpts from Press Release:
Gutsoon! Entertainment's publishing property, RAIJIN COMICS, is set for a few new changes! September 2003 has been marked as the date when the “weekly” manga anthology will launch into being a monthly magazine.

Featuring a minimum of 16 additional pages to each issue, the monthly will commence with issue #37, and will retail for $5.95, just a $1.00 more than the weekly retailed. Exciting additional editorial changes will also be unveiled over the next few months.

“We pride ourselves on being attentive and responsive to the interests of our readers and subscribers,” said Horie Nobuhiko, President and CEO of Gutsoon! Entertainment and its Japan based sister company, Coamix. “Our move from a weekly distribution to a monthly distribution reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality in manga. Based on numerous conversations and extensive research with our readers, subscribers, retailers and distributors, we have been encouraged to move to a monthly magazine, thereby giving readers more time to read all the exciting stories in our magazine, and giving retailers more time and longer shelf dates for the issues to reach the growing number of manga fans.”

Subscribers' weekly subscriptions will be rolled over to the new monthly format automatically.

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