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Anime dubbing studio bids farewell

Coastal Recording, the fan favorite dubbing studio, has announced that it will be closing its doors after 9 years of operation. In an e-mail to Anime News Network, Scott Houle confirmed that coastal had completed its final projects, the You're Under Arrest TV series, mini specials and movie, as of March 19th, 2003.

According to Houle, the studio has been unable to get enough steady business to continue operations. Located in South Carolina, Coastal was in the unfortunate position of not being particularly close to any of the major Anime recording hubs, located primarilly in Los Angeles, Houston and New York.

"I've always considered Coastal a specialty house because we put over 40% of our income back into production (lots of re-do's to make it sound like the actors were in the same room, an average of 12 hours of mixing per 22 min., extensive attention to detail, etc.)," explained Houle. "Coastal has never made a profit in Anime, but we kept a lot of happy actors busy and woke up every day feeling like we were producing real quality."

Coastal recorded the dub for the following titles:

Rupan III - Fuma Conspiracy
Spirit of Wonder
You're Under Arrest! OAVs
Oh! My Goddess
Crusher Joe
Elf Princess Rane
Sailor Victory
Voogie's Angel
Princess Rouge
Blue Submarine No.6
Virtua Fighter TV (25 eps.)
You're Under Arrest! TV Series (48 eps)
You're Under Arrest! Specials (20 eps)
You're Under Arrest! - The Movie

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