Broccoli to Authorize Fan-site registration

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Broccoli program recognizes registered fan-sites.

Broccoli, the Japanese Parent company of Synch Point and the creators of Digi-charat have announced that they will start a registry of company authorized fan sites.

Registered fan-sites will be linked to from the Broccoli website. They will also receive a Fan Site Webmaster #, and a banner that comes with it.

Sites will have to meet a number of guidelines in order to qualify for the program, websites that show pornography, charge money, retouch or modify original Broccoli images and or hurth the characters images, will not be permitted.

Saki Yamashita of Broccoli International explained that the program is entirely voluntary. Fan-sites are not required to register with the program, and fan-sites not meeting the guidelines will not become the target of any actions to shut them down. She notes that this is with the obvious exception of websites that are violating Broccoli's copyright and profiting from it.

Details (in Japanese) here.

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