Candy Candy lawsuits continue

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Candy Candy copyright managers ordered to pay compensation to toy manufacturer

Source: Yahoo Japan

Recently, a toy manufacturer in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, sued the two Tokyo companies that are managing the copyrights for the popular manga series Candy Candy. The company was unable to sell the Candy Candy Jigsaw Puzzles that were commissioned to them due to copyright issues, resulting in a massive overstock.

This directly relates to the Candy Candy incident two years ago, when a lawsuit was brought up by series author Mizuki Kyoko against the manga illustrator, Igarashi Yumiko, and several character merchandising companies. Igarashi had been selling Candy Candy products without the former consent of Mizuki. The Supreme Court of Japan ruled in favor of Mizuki, saying that all merchandising agreements required the consent of both property owners. Along with her 55 million yen compensation, Mizuki was also granted the right to dismiss any Candy Candy products that tread upon copyright infringements.

Unaware of this, the Saitama toy company was ordered by the two copyright management companies to produce Candy Candy puzzles. They were not informed that the sales and productions of the product could be immediately dismissed by order of the original author.

The toy maker sued the two companies for a compensation worth 11 million yen. After the September 10 ruling in the Tokyo high court, the companies have been ordered to pay 7.8 million yen to the toy company.

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