Sazae-san Influences Stock Market?

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
When ratings go up, stock prices go down

The Daiwa Institute of Research has published a report showing a correlation between the ratings of the long running TV anime series Sazae-san and the Japanese stock market.

In short, when stock values go up, the TV series' ratings go down, and when the ratings go up, the stocks go down.

According to Daiwa's analysis, if there is an increase in households that don't go out on Sunday, but stay home and watch Sazae-san while eating dinner, this hints at stock business cooling down, while declining ratings express that business is doing well.

When comparing viewer ratings for Sazae-san from 2003 and later with the development of the TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index), a strong correlation, surpassing the statistical relationship between the American and the Tokyo stock exchange this year, was found.

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