Synch-Point on I'm Gonna be an Angel Release

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Synch-Point has updated their online Blog with Q&A from Fanime. One of the questions focuses on when more of I'm Gonna be an Angel is to be released.

Q1. When is the rest of I'm Gonna be an Angel DVD going to be released?

A1. The project is currently on hold while we release (= make money) other series. Broccoli, our parent company, gives us the money to operate in the US, so we need to think about what's beneficial to the entire company, which is to release Broccoli titles in the US.

I'm Gonna be an Angel also hasn't been making a profit for us, so we need to raise funds with other projects first. So if you're protesting the delayed release of I'm Gonna be an Angel by boycotting all Broccoli goods (as some fans have angrily emailed), you're just shooting yourself in the foot b/c that's a sure way of not getting it released. So Synch-Point is trying to get the rest of I'm Gonna be an Angel released by pushing out Di Gi Charat Original Series and others.

And we are also considering different formats of releasing I'm Gonna be an Angel, such as releasing the last three volumes as a set, to sell the product better & to release it quicker."

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