New Gundam Goods in Japan

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Anaheim Electronics Laptop and Quattro Sunglasses

LalaBit Market has specs on a Anaheim Electronics (AE) laptop that will ship in March. Based on the Toshiba Dynabook Satellite, the laptop will come with an AE logo on the top, AE wallpaper, icons and other custom content.

The laptop will only be produced if a minimum of 500 orders are received for it. It will cost 241,500 yen (US$2020) , or 264,600 yen (US$2210) with Microsoft Office Personal Edition 2003.

The laptop can be seen here.

Anaheim Electronics is a fictional electronics company from UC Gundam. After the one-year-war, AE produced mobile suits and often provided them to both sides of the conflict.

Bandai has already released a Char Aznable themed laptop, a Char Aznable themed Game Cube, and a Haro PC case.

LalaBit Market is also offering Quattro Bageena sunglasses, designed by Yutaka Izubuchi. The Sun Glasses cost 30,450 yen (US$255) and will ship in late February provided a minimum of 100 orders are placed. Reservation deadline in January 5th. The sunglasses are produced by Tokuma Shoten to commemorate Animage Magazine's 27th anniversary.

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