7 new anime series announced

posted on 2005-12-29 16:53 EST by Jonathan Mays
Strawberry Panic!, Juuousei, Kirarin Revolution, Princess Princess, Nishi No Yoki Majo, a new School Rumble, and a second season of Aria

The "yuri" Strawberry Panic! will be produced by Madhouse Studios. [Official Site]

Juuousei is being adapted from Itsuki Natsumi's manga series, and will be produced by Studio Bones. The series is expected to debut on Fuji TV in April.

Kirarin Revolution, based on An Nakahara's shojo manga series, is also scheduled for April.

The animation of Noriko Ogawara's Nishi No Yoki Majo novel will be handled by Hal Film Maker.

Princess Princess will be adapted from Mikiyo Tsuda's manga series.

No details are available about the new School Rumble anime.

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