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CMX on Tenjho Tenge Edits Again

posted on by Jonathan Mays
Director of Manga responds to complaints

CMX Director of Manga Asako Suzuki recently replied to complaints about Tenjho Tenge's editing.
Hello, this is Asako Suzuki, Director of Manga at CMX.

First of all, thank you very much for your great interest in our titles.

The CMX version of Tenjho Tenge has been a hot topic for months. We are aware that some manga fans are upset with our version of Tenjho Tenge, and it has not been easy for us to take in the criticism. We respect our readers, yet it is not possible to please everyone.

Although we do have frequent, internal discussions about the possibility of publishing an unedited version of Tenjho Tenge, we believe our focus now should be to complete the current version.

There are many people who enjoy CMX version Tenjho Tenge, who might otherwise be unable to read it, and in fact, it is one of our best-selling titles. We don't think it would be fair to deprive some of those loyal readers of their favorite title so far into the series.

We do want to let you know that we are very grateful for the immense cooperation we receive from Oh! great, Tenjho Tenge creator, who takes a great deal of time to inspect each volume and every one of our editorial changes.

We hope that our commitment to continue publishing the current version of Tenjho Tenge will not discourage our readers from picking up other CMX titles. We produce a wide variety of titles and we are proud to present every one of them. Publishing manga is a learning process, and we are learning something new every day. At last, but not least, please note that Tenjho Tenge will be rated “Teen Plus” from its 9th volume to indicate more precise direction to our readers.

CMX strives to be a good manga publisher, and we welcome your feedback.

Again, we appreciate your readership and support.

Asako Suzuki
Director, CMX

CMX previously addressed the complaints last year at Comic-Con. Thanks, Aaron.

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